Helicon release “Zero Fucks” on Fuzz Club

Helicon is a psychedelic rock band from Glasgow and it has been more then a year since their debut album.  Now they return with a three-track EP called “Zero Fucks”. On “Zero Fucks” Helicon shows what they are capable off, The tracks are full of energy and that awesome cosmic sound they produce.

The EP is released January 11 on Fuzz Club and is highly recommended. Check them out now.

Favorite track: Come on Get Off

Check them and more out on Fuzzy Sun’s List.


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New music by Helicon on Fuzz Club

The psych rockers Helicon released their self titled debut album in 2017. With their cosmic motorik sound they return for a three track EP “Zero Fucks” on the great Fuzz Club.

The three instrumental tracks balance between post rock and psych. starting of quite easy the freshly shared track ‘I Hate Everyone But I Quite Like You’ ends in a cosmic blast.

Enjoy Helicon and watch out for the release on January 11.