Dead Kaczynski release ‘Yakuza Attack Dog’

Dead Kaczynski (pronounced Ka-Zin-Ski) is one of my new favourite bands. The trio from Kent just released their EP called ‘Yakuza Attack Dog’ on Skingasm Records. Their music is a feral version of punk, noiserock and fucking awesome riffs. The five tracks that are one this EP are short but its not the length that counts right, Its the effect that counts and Dead Kaczynski’s sound is so effective i hardly remember my name.

If you are a fan of music that  destroys your face, eats your ears and makes your eyes bleed than you have also found your favourite new band.

So let us welcome these walls of sound, these superfast and agressive riffs, the vocals from hell and enjoy a bit of loud music shall we.

Favourite tracks: two, three and four (love the intro and outro two but i like track two, three and four more, there i’ve said it).

buy and stream and do stuff with it here =>

5th October – New River Studios, Zoofest, London

12th October – Billabong, Make Some Noise, Medway

14th November – Poco Loco, Noise Floor, Medway

4th January – Mother’s Ruin, M4D SM4SH, Bristol

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Track of the Week: Dead Kaczynski release explosive ‘Mr. Scratch’

‘Mr. Scratch’ is the first single from the upcoming EP ‘Yakuza Attack Dog’ that will be out on the Fourth of October on Skingasm Records. Dead Kaczynski (pronounced Ka-Zin-Ski) is a UK three piece that must play the most wild live shows with music like this.

I hope these guys are planning to release more music like this, music that is as ferocious as this first song. Their first track is one minute and a half long but with an intensity that hits you right in the face. I even feel a bit dirty when this track ends, like i have been in the same underpants for a whole week and have only eaten blood sausage for breakfast. If you think this is stupid then you are stupid, HA!

So the good news: This track frikkin rules

Bad news: It is only 1 minute and 28 seconds and we will have to wait till October (hopefully sooner) to hear more.

Tune in for this post-hardcore/noiserock/punk concoction. Buy it Here:

6th September – Drakes, Make Some Noise, Maidstone.

11th September – New Cross Inn,London

27th September – JT Soar, Buttonpusher, Nottingham

5th October – New River Studios, Zoofest, London

12th October – Billabong, Make Some Noise, Medway

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