White Hills release ‘The Last Time’

The duo that is White Hills has made a lot of music over the years and a lot of different music. Their new EP ‘The Last Time’ features tracks that span from some of their earliest recordings to the Stop Mute Defeat era. All tracks are previously unreleased. Tune in for some really hypnotic music.



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‘Splintered Metal Sky’ by White Hills

White Hills is  Dave W. and Ego Sensation and their music has this experimental dangerous sound that borders between industrial, post-punk and other eerie sounding stuff. Their new album is called ‘Splintered Metal Sky’ and is released October 23 on God Unknown Records and it features a lot of guest performers wich gives the whole album yet another dimension. We can hear Jim Jarmuch (from the movies and SQURL and stuff like that), Simone Mare Butler (Primal Scream), Jim Coleman (Human Impact/Cop Shoot Cop) and Yasmine Hamdan.

The result is this nasty sounding, sometimes 90’s horro feel, industrial post punk with synth vibes that goes from experimental to goddamn catchy even. I think it is quite clear that you need this music, even more now in 2020.