EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: the experimental album “Annihilate Your Masters” by Whettman Chelmets

Missouri’s experimental musician Matt Clements has been recording as Whettman Chelmets for almost 20 years. While playing in different punk, noise and psyche rock bands in the Midwest during the late 90s, early 00’s, Whettman Chelmets explores the intersections between post rock, electronic ambient, noise, classical and pop.
He has released a lot of different music over the years. It is quite clear he makes his music with passion and he makes whatever he wants. For Matt it is all about the exploration of sound.
His latest work “Annihilate your Masters” is again something different.
Ambient sounds and samples are echoeing throughout the album. Sometimes the tracks explode in industrial or rock themed endings with droning synths. “Annihilate Your Masters” is a very varried album, one you should try. Listen now!