Miserable Fuck

Another project of Seb Alvarez from meth. On a previous post I shared his noisemetal band Virgin Mother. But now he returns with a new band called Miserable Fuck with vocals from Tyler Cieck. The name suits the music wich is very bleak and experimental. Noise, industrial and screams are mixed in the blender with some despair. Check out the first track ‘The Thing About The Quiet Man’ from the upcoming EP ‘Humiliation’ wich will be out December 18.

noisemetal Virgin Mother

This is a project of Seb Alvarez from meth. . This new album is going to be called ‘It Is’ and we get twho tracks to listen too. This is extremely noisy, experimental noise and is soooo good because it feels haunted, the music is in your face and ominous. Virgin Mother is going for most frightening record.