Videopremiere: Moon Pussy shares ‘The Buttler’

When I see a bandname like Moon Pussy I instantly expect good noisy music. And they deliver some freakin good music too, the Colorado trio consists of Ethan A. Hahn, Cory Hager and Crissy Cuellar. With these three people they make a hell of a racket.

In January the band shared their new album called ‘Band Meating’. If you think these cool names going to stop, you are wrong. Moon Pussy does not only deliver crushing noiserock with hellish vocals, they have good names for every track like ‘Buttler’, ‘Sports Fuck’ and ‘Butt Hash’.

‘Band Meating’ is filled with good riffs and high energy tracks. With enough variation on their tracks the album stays interesting and is pretty addictive.  This is the kind of noiserock that everyone needs to hear.

So you can imagine I am very pleased to premiere a video by Moon Pussy. Direct your attention to the new video from the track ‘(She Likes It In) The Buttler’.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, binnen