French heavy rockers Lysistrata

Somewhere in France are three dudes who go under the name of Lysistrata. The band released their debut album on Vicious Circle Records in 2017.

Now the band is back with a new track from their upcoming album. ‘Breathe in/Out’ will be released October 18 again on Vicious Circle Records.

Tune in for the track ‘Mourn’ from that upcoming album.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: nacht en buiten


“Say No” by Belgian noisy punks It It Anita

“Say No” is the second released track from the Belgian noise/punk rockers It It Anita. The upcoming album “Laurent” will be released on the french label Vicious Circle Records on August 31. Listen to the other track “Another Cancelled Mission” and get warmed up for their upcoming album. Pre-order the album here.
Find It It Anita on Fuzzy Sun’s ridiculously loud spotify list.
It It Anita is force, a charging bus of noise and agressive punk, a bus you better be on then under. Be ready