FUZZ Releases New Single/Announces Album Release Date

The return of Fuzz is upon us! It’s been 5 years since the release of ‘II’ and we are all ears. Fuzz will drop their third album ‘III’ on October 23 through In The Red Records. You can preorder the album on their sight.

Here is the single ‘Returning’

Dump #25

Kinda forgot about a lot of music, written it down, forgot the note, wrote it  in my phone, phone broke, tried to remeber it, brain broke. This is a a bit of a list of all music I needed to share but forgot about. Tune in, there some pretty awesome stuff in there.

Ty Segall & Cory Hanson

Two singles that were recorded five years ago. They will be donating 100% of the first week’s sales of both songs to Black Lives Matter LA.


Paint is the solo project of Pedrum Siadatian of Allah-Las. He is back with a new laid back psychpop track called Land Man.


The Swedish band CB3 (Charlottas Burning Trio) released their new album on February 28 on The Sign Records. The trio delivers soul crushing space rock, heavy psych and wild guitarwork.  On the album “Aeons” we get a bit of everything that is fun, extremely heavy doom riffs, pure psychedelic rock and a bit of experimental rock.

Tune in now.



Somewhere in Syndney there is a trio that makes this dirty, crunchy occult doom and sludge. The band is called Amammoth and released and EP with three heavy tracks full of bone crushing riffs and heaviness. The EP “Blackwitch” is out on Forbidden Place Records  now.




Elkhorn are guitarists Jesse Sheppard (12-string acoustic) and Drew Gardner (6-string electric). This time they are accompanied by Turner Williams (Ramble Tamble, Guardian Alien). On “The Storm Sessions” are a meditative listen, guitar work of hypnotic beauty. If you are in need of some healing music then Elkhorn are hear for you.


Modern Rituals

London noiserock band Modern Rituals will release their new album “This Is The History” through Holy Roar on March 20. The band already shared three very powerful tracks that make this sound like a very promising album. Check them now out for yourself!



Mexican experimentalists/noisemakers and psych rockers Muuk released their new album “Balbuceo”. The album has almost every genre in it, from post rock to psych and noise rock, electronics, ambient, you name it. This is one you have take your time for. “Balbuceo” is complex, so let it grow on you.


Oranssi Pazuzu

I feel like this Finnish band deserves a spot on Fuzzy Sun, it is described as Psychedelic Black Metal and it has some truth in it. I have posted enough stuff on this site that isntn strictly noiserock or psych so why not Oranssi Pazuzu. It took me a while to get in the band though, This is something between experimental music, synth sounds, psych and black metal and is quite challenging which makes it nice. I have to say all this genres fit exceptionally well together and I did not really expect that.  Oranssi Pazuzu create something quite unique with their music, something strong and really good. Tune in now for their latest album “Mestarin kynsi” wich was released April 17 and check out their latest video too.


Twin Dive

A Punkrock song written in memory of the tragic death of George Floyd, as well as in solidarity with the ongoing protests for racial equality.

Twin Dive · Say His Name


Those Fucking Snowflakes

dirty punk on the new track by Uk band Those Fucking Snowflakes.


Zane Coppard

Highly psychedelic moody indie music by Zane Coppard. Check out the new track ‘Lost Upon The First Step’.


Scratch Pants

Rollercoaster riffs and Punk sounds on the new track ‘Escape The Sun’ by this wild trio. They seem to hate Kurt Vile for some reason too.


The Prefab Messiahs

These guys hav baan a lot on fuzzy Sun. And their music is always psychedelic and fun to listen to. Tune in for the latest track ’21st Century Failure’.



Wasted Shirt (Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale) release “Fungus II”

It is not so surprising that this new album “Fungus II” by Wasted Shirt (Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale) is extremely enjoyable. These are two are masterperformers and original rockers that have released a crapload of awesome music in the past. Put these two together and you get some kind of fast paced noise and garagerock. This LP is superfast and superfun to listen to. each track is playful and still heavy enough to numb your senses. “Fungus II” is a party and I can only hope their will be a Fungus I or Fungus III or whatever. The thing with this album is that really sound slike these two musicians had a blast recording this together, it does not happen a lot that a wall of noise like this really makes me happy. Listen to noiserock with a smile, listen to “Fungus II”.

This album is out on Famous Class on February 28. Buy it here





Ty Segall new band Wasted Shirt Lightning Bolt Brian Chippendale new song Double the Dream debut album Fungus II

Wasted Shirt (Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale) share second single

God I love 2020 already. All this stuff is getting me really excited. This new band with Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt is called Wasted Shirt and sounds exactly like you want it to sound. A fast, energetic pile of fuzzy noise. I love it, I goddamn love it. The new track “All Is Lost ” is taken from their upcoming record “Fungus II” wich will be released February 28th via Famous Class.

Tune in for this incredible hump of coolness now.



Ty Segall new band Wasted Shirt Lightning Bolt Brian Chippendale new song Double the Dream debut album Fungus II

Match made in heaven: Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt form Wasted Shirt

Yes you heard it right, The mighty fast and loud Brian Chippendale and garagelord Ty Segall have decided to make a band and name it Wasted Shirt, and what is even more great news is we get the first track. The Track “Double the Dream” is full on in your face noiserock that exploding with energy. This may be very well one of the greatest new bands of 2019. “Double the Dream” is taken from their upcoming record “Fungus II” wich will be released February 28th via Famous Class.



Ty Segall new band Wasted Shirt Lightning Bolt Brian Chippendale new song Double the Dream debut album Fungus II

New releases by Girl Band, Melvins/Flipper, Ty Segall, Juju, Psychic Graveyard, Christian Fitness, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and Sonic Youth

I have been on holiday for a while and it is incredible just how many great releases and new music is out in such a short period. So tune in for the latest goodies in noiserock and psychedelic rock.

Girl Band

Let us start with new music from Girl Band, it has been four years since the release of ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ wich was an absolute masterpiece of weirdness and heaviness in their own original way. Now they will release a new record called ‘The Talkies’ and will be released September 27 on Rough Trade (wich is three days from my birthday so i know what i will get already).

They released a video for their new track ‘Shoulderblades’ wich is exactly everything i could hope for. Girl Band is back and ready to destroy.




Okay, I am beyond excited for the new Girl Band music and i thought things could not get any better. And then, BAM, A Melvins/Flipper release. Steve DePace, Ted Falconi, King Buzzo, Dale, and Trevor Dunn team up for a four song 10 ” with the same name as the released single ‘HOT FISH’. Tune in for another great surprise of this week! This 10″ will be released June 9th.




Ty Segall

And it does not stop after the new Girl Band and a Melvins/Flipper 10″. Nope the garagemaster Ty Segall drops a new track called ‘Taste’ from his upcoming album ‘First Taste’ wich will be out August 2 on Drag City. I would love to say; Have a taste of the new track ‘Taste’ from his upcoming album ‘First Taste’, but everyone has said this already.  So check out the track and accompanied video now!



Juju (Gioele Valenti) is by now a known force in the psychedelic rock scene (Herself /Llay Lamas). His previous album ‘Her Mother Was A Plant’ was gorgeous piece of exotic psych.

His new work ‘Maps and Territory’ deals with exotic and hazy psych and is again an instant hit for me. Out on Fuzz Club.



Psychic Graveyard

I kinda forgot about Psychic Graveyard, wich is a shame because Psychic Graveyard rules.

Psychic Graveyard features members of Arab on Radar, Chinese stars, Doomsday Student and All Leather, Some Girls and Hot Nerds.

I absolutely love bands that do something different, and on ‘Loud As Laughter’ I get that original, wild and crazy vibe i love so much.

Their album ‘Loud As Laughter’ was released May 17 on Skin Graft Records.



Christian Fitness

Multiple personality one man punk band Christian Fitness released his (their) new album ‘you are the ambulance’.

Filled to the brim with energy this is one hell of an album. Fun from start to finish. Best enjoyed with a fresh brew.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

These Australian dudes have been making a name for themselves the past years and they deserve it, everything they make ends in good psychedelic rock. Tune in for their latest album ‘And Now for the Whatchamacallit’ thats released May 31.


Sonic Youth

You can now stream the live album ‘Battery Park, NYC: July 4, 2008’ for the first time. Originally this was a gift if you purchased their latest album ‘The Eternal’. Now you can stream their live show, and you should.


Into The Iris by Flat Worms

The LA rockers Flat Worms released their new album February 8. The six song album “Into The Iris” is a cumulation of heavy fuzz, garagerock and punk.

Where else can you expect this being recorded than at Ty Segall’s house on his God? records.

experience maximum fuzzyness with Flat Worms new album “Into The Iris” now.

Favorite track: Plastic at Home

Check them and more out at Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy list.

Stream The C.I.A.

The C.I.A. is the latest project from Ty Segall, with his wife Denee and Emmet Kelly. This project marks the 6th release of Ty Segall for 2018.

The project is filled with fast paced punk and drum machines. This is another great release with some cool tracks on it but sometimes misses originality.

But a fun listen either way.

Favorite track: Gunslinger.

Listen now

Image result for segall the cia

Ty Segall released “Fudge Sandwich”

Ty Segall released his cover album “Fudge Sandwich on 26/10 on In The Red Records. In 2018 Ty succeeded in releasing “Orange Rainbow”, “Freedom’s Goblin”, “Joy” with White Fence and “Pre Strike Sweep” with the Goggs.
Covers by bands like Spencer Davis Group, Funkadelic, Lennon and more.
An album thats full of fuzz and fun. Join the fuzz and listen to Ty Segall’s Fudge Sandwich. Order at In the red records.
For More Fuzz check out Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy and Psych List.

Image result for fudge sandwich ty

second track from Ty Segall cover album

The unstoppable Ty segall releases his second track from “Fudge Sandwich”, his upcoming cover album. His first track “I’m A Man” was a cover by The Spancer Davis Group and now Ty releases his new track “Class War”, a cover from The Dils.
Fudge Sandwich is out 10/26 on In The Red Recordings. Pre order now at intheredrecords.
Check out more fuzz, psych and garage on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

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