New track by Rose City Band

Maybe a bit softer then what I usually post, especially lately it has been a lot of noiserock and stuff. But this new track by Rose City Band has to be shared on Fuzzy Sun. I am still a big fan of psychedelic music and when i hear the name Ripley Johnson I get goosebumps. Ripley who is best known for his part in Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips has always created truly beautiful music, on now he is here again but under the name Rose City Band. Maybe less psychedelic then his other projects but still you can feel the calm, feelgood and trippy vibes he produces through his music and vocals. Tune in to hear the first track “Only Lonely” from the upcoming album “Summerlong”. Out May 15.

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Lightning Bolt share new song

On the Adult Swim Singles Series we get a new track from Lightning Bolt. The band only released their incredible album “Sonic Citadel” last year and we already got new music! and not just a track, a track called “Spaceman” wich is in your face fast paced noiserock wich we love from the band. Drummer/Vocalist Brian Chippendale just released a first track from his new project with Ty Segall that is called Wasted Shirt. It is quite incredible what energy we get from this band. it seems 2020 is only just started but already brought the most amazing music. For some ridicolous reason I can not embed the track on this site. So you have to click the link and go to the adult swim page. Sorry.

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Lightning Bolt release video for ‘Blow To The Head’

Lightning Bolt’s new album ‘Sonic Citadel’ was released on Thrill Jockey on October 11. This album absolutely rules and the more you listen to it the more awesome it gets. So if you haven’t heard it yet you better start listening now.

The sonic duo released a video for their track openeer ‘Blow to the Head’. Check it out now.

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Lightning Bolt release new album ‘Sonic Citadel’

Am I getting used to all these noiserock bands and all these experimental stuff because I have the feeling the new album by Lightning Bolt is catchy? Can that be or am I slowly changing in one of those experimental weirdos that dress in gothic/disco clothes and drink only vodka and think harsh noise should be played nonstop on national radio.

I don’t think I am getting crazy though, I think Lightning Bolt is still a furious, wild and frenzy band that makes fast paced noiserock but their tracks are getting more catchy for sure, the rythms get stuck in your head and before you know it you are singing along. The riffs are absolutely great and they still shred your face off, the drums are still weapons of mass destruction.

‘Sonic Citadel’ is easier to listen to and for that matter maybe more fun. This album shreds, is loud and melodic, fast paced and it has the quality of growing on you, sounds better each time you spin it. Can’t me in as a big fan.

Lightning Bolt is a crazy band and the duo are excellent musicians and they really display their talents on their new album.

It is frikkin great.

Out on Thrill Jockey on October 11.

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Lightning Bolt share third track ‘Hüsker Dön’t’

We are creeping closer to the release date of the new album by Lightning Bolt. The new album is called ‘Sonic Citadel’ and they already released two tracks. The third track is out now and is called ‘Hüsker Dön’t’. The track is again a fantastic Lightning Bolt track, immense speed, gorgeous riffs, drums like they were made in the pits of hell and the distorted vocals. Again a pumped up epic noise track.

Out on Thrill Jockey on October 11.

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Lightning Bolt share second track ‘USA Is A Psycho’

Lightning Bolt that returns with a new album this year is again news that really excites me. I don’t know if it is only in my head but this year has already been extremely awesome and it is only September, my end of the year list will be really long with bands like this.

‘Sonic Citadel’ will be released through Thrill Jockey on October 11 and I promise you, it will be great. Now we can listen to the second released track ‘USA Is A Pyscho’. Prepare for some superspeed lightning bolt riff fueled noise rock, this is what you want, this is what you need. Tune in now.

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Japanese noisemakers Endon release ‘Boy Meets Girl’ on Thrill Jockey

ENDON is something special, the Japanese band are credited as the most extreme band in Tokyo. Screams, distortion, noise and overal panic is the trademark of the experimental metal band.

‘Boy Meets Girl’ is a horrorish experience, not for the faint of heart.

Released on Thrill Jockey February 15.

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