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More Sounds of CHUNK To Come

This is the second compilation by Chunk! Chunk is  a Leeds based DIY practice space and venue, primarily producing weirdo noise rock, psych rock, metal and noise. And with their awesome compilation they raise funds DIY practice space and venue.

The bands on this compilation are really cool, just as in the first comp their are a lot of new bands for me, and all of them are something else alltogether. Some of the bands like Thank, Hamer and Territorial Gobbing have been featured on Fuzzy Sun.

So buy this new comp (and the old one).


new music

The Sounds of Chunk

Well hello there, a compilation of tracks from a DIY practice space in Leeds. This compilation is to raise funds for Chunk, the practice space that primarely houses weirdo noise rock, psych rock, metal and noise. There are a lot of bands on here that have been on Fuzzy Sun, lots of new ones too. There is new music, old music and previously unreleased music on this one.  All proceeds will be going to upkeep at the CHUNK space.

Trow five pounds at these bastards so there can be born more of thise beautifull weirdo bands.