Bonecrushing heavy riffs on the new DUG

It does not happen very often that I am completely blown away by a riff and this is just incredible. Last time I fel this was with the album of Black Shape( wish they would release something new too). The Minneapolis band shared this track from their forthcoming album on The Ghost is Clear Records. You can order Lp, shirts and whatever here. The track is nine minutes long and you need to listen to it, the track only gets intenser and heavier, this is gold. Really looking forward for more.

Pressed to release ‘Mirrored Body’

A big fat bassline starts on the first track from Memphis noiserock band Pressed. The track is called ‘Yes Officer’ and has this really good sound, it is in your face and it shows a grown (bit mutated probably too) band. Very strong first track from the upcoming ‘Mirrored Body’ out May 14 on The Ghost is Clear Records.

Eyelet released ‘The Devil Shining Out Your Eyes’ on The Ghost is Clear

The Ghost is Clear has some really awesome bands on their label, and now, just at the last moments of shitty 2020 the band Eyelet released their new album ‘The Devil Shining Out Your Eyes’ wich is noisy screamo metal stuff whatever im not good in genres. It is loud, it is evil, it is awesome. Check them out now.

Moon Pussy release their new album

I remember I was completely blown a way when I head Moon Pussy for the first time. This band has a very very cool sound that does not bore, it does not matter how many times you listen to it. I still listen regularly to their 2019 release ‘Band Meating’.

Hurray, Joy, Feast, Party! Their new album is out and it is amazing from start to finish. Their sound is even better! the tracks have this rocknroll sound wich makes it so catchy and easy to listen to while their riffs are so good and noisy. This is fast paced noiserock, but now and then the tracks slow down and they let you enjoy the heavy riffs.

A super entertaining album that is really noisy and heavy but still easy to listen too. Moon Pussy really scores with their self titled! Buy it! It is out on The Ghost is Clear!

Favourite track: “Criff and Moths” and “Fail Better” and “Tour” and well you get the picture I guess.

Seaxes release selftitled EP on The Ghost is Clear

I did not know this band, never heard of this duo before but goddamn, Seaxes is awesome. Their Ep is out now on The Ghost is Clear Records and they make this superenergetic punk and noiserock that really makes you hyped up and ready to destroy some shit. really loud and cool stuff, tune in now.

Favourite track: Fin

Immense riffs on the new BIGHAND//BIGKNIFE

Somewhere in Denton is this band that creates the most gorgeous riffs and I heard them the first time on the four way split on The Ghost is clear Records with Almanac Man, Emma Goldman and Abandoncy. Now they have re-mastered their first EP ‘Plunge’ and now they have and EP not only filled with amazing heaviness but it the quality of the sounds is about perfect too.