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The Colony by Oil Thief

You may not believe it but there is other music next to psychedelic rock and noiserock that I like. I have always liked bands like Burial, Shit and Shinen Autechre and stuff like that, but the problem is I know nothing about these genres but I am going to research whenever I find some time. Ofcourse it will still need to fit on Fuzzy Sun with the rest of the music so I am going to search for psychedelic or noisy electronics (someone suggested harsh noise but this is a bit much for me at the moment). I will try to find my way into Industrial and techno.

So, many of you will probably know way more then myself about this stuff, so help me, send some good stuff my way please.

I want to start with Oil Thief, I believe this fits the bill perfectly for me. There is a lot of atmosperic noise, Industrial and a really psychedelic vibe.

The Colony was released September 25 through Total Black and Chondritic Sound. Listen now.

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