The Black Angels to release Live at LEVITATION

March 26 marks the release of the live album at Levitation from The Black Angels. The black Angels is still one of my favourite psych bands in this part of the universe and not so long ago vocalist Alex Maas made a great solo album that ended in my end of the year list too. I got The Black Angels in my essential list too.

They shared the live video from Manipulation already so go watch it, enjoy and buy the album here.

At Last! The Black Angels release Currency

Taken from their upcoming album Death Song.
The release of a new album from The Black Angels is always something special for me. the psychedelic sounds, cool riffs, nice trippy  basslines are something that are always present in any of their album. the melancholic voice that sweeps through the crunchy riffs is again present on this new track. a feast indeed. 2017 is getting better by the day.
Death song will be available 2/8/207