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Pharaoh Overlord to release album on Rocket Recordigs, listen to first track

That Rocket Recordings is an awesome label has been clear for a long time, but what I love mostly is the divers and unique stuff that is on the label. 2020 is again a year with great releases like industrial madness by Petbrick/deafkids, electro/noise by Shit and Shine, and so much more this year.

Now we get new music by Pharaoh Overlords wich is a a Finish duo that produce out of this world synth driven kraut stuff. Their first track ‘Without Song All Will Perish’ from their upcoming album ‘6’ wich will be released on Rocket Recordings November 13.

new music

Music for the endtimes: Willy Organ

It is day 3 of the quarantine I am starting to cave in, I am starting to give up. Kid number 1 is asking the same question over and over and over and Kid number 2 can’t talk yet but makes a lot of gurgly noises nonetheless. I am eating 5 hot meals a day and chocolate is my new type of fruit. Stinking in my pyamas is my new style and I can fart like Donky Kong on speed. I have been listening to Chat Pile the last couple of days because the gloom of the band perfectly fits these times.

Now suddenly, without warning, snot starts running out of my nose, my throat hurts and I think this may be the end. The stress and tiredness is taken over after 3 days of pure terror and suddenly I paused Chat Pile and remembered the New Synth Wizard, The Master of the Life Song, the new Ghentian artist Willy Organ! Willy Organ does not fit on this website at all, not even a little bit, yet he has given one of the best live shows I have ever seen, his lyrics are beyond beautiful (it is in Dutch so I suggest you learn Dutch as fast as possible so you can truly enjoy this music) and he deserves to be on every site. Willy Organ’s music oozes existential dread, it asks questions that make you look deep into yourself at these bleak times. Willy Organ’s music is what I need and I don’t know if you will need it too but I wanted to post it mostly because I can and fuck you and because I just sit here in quarantine and I wanted to post something else for a change.

This new Belgian word wizard wil release a new album that will be called “Jonge Plant” that you can pre-order on bandcamp. And you should buy it because he may be a wizard, he needs money for food and drinks. If you can’t get enough of Willy you can just look him up on youtube and you will find a lot more. His new album will be released June 5.

I also embedded Willy doing a cover of Type O Negative’s “My Girfriends Girlfriend” called “Mijn Vriendins Vriendin”.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, kind, lucht en buiten

new music

“Erratics & Unconformities” by Craven Faults

The UK band Craven Faults released their first album (after three EP’s) “Erratics & Unconformities” on January 10. This is a bit different then what I normally post about but this album is exceptionally beautifull. The repetitiveness in this cosmic synth music is so hypnotic and gorgeous it should be played in every home. Six tracks mastefully made. Listen now.

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.


new music

Raketkanon video for ‘Mélody’

Raketkanon released their third album “RKTKN #3” just a while ago and now we get the new video from the track  ‘Mélody’.

Find them and more here. Buy their music on Alcopop or buy a limited glitter tape on Beth Shalom Records.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen, baard, buiten en tekst




new music

Raketkanon release ‘RKTKN #3’

The ever progressing Belgian band Raketkanon returns with their third album ‘RKTKN #3’. The album is released on Alcopop Records today.

Raketkanon has been shaking the world with their weird and heavy riffing noise. Now with their third album the synths are playing a more prominent role and give Raketkanon again a new edge to their music.

While shouting in their own language and with the new synth driven sound the band produces still the same vibe they are known for.  Raketkanon can go from explosive riffs to a soft atmposhere in no time and they do it with excellence.

‘RKTKN #3’ is again a marvelous piece of work, as good as the previous albums. it is clear now Raketkanon never dissapoints.

Enter the world of Raketkanon now.

Find them and more here. Buy their music on Alcopop or buy a limited glitter tape on Beth Shalom Records.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen, baard, buiten en tekst




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Future Old People Are Wizards

Now, hold your horses, there is not yet new music from FOPAW. But it is time for those who do not now Fopaw to take their heaphones and listen to them very intensely. These 3 people form a band from Ghent (Belgium) with a very unique sound. The synths in this heavy atmosperic rock band create a refreshing sound. Very soon we will hear new music from Future Old People Are Wizards, their new album ‘Peaces’ will be out May 25 on 9000 records (consouling).

Nele De Gussem (keys, vox, beauty, chaos)
Sylvester Vanborm (drums, motivation, sweetness)
Stijn Vanmarsenille (guitar, vox euhm that’s all)



new music

Le Son Grave by Monolithe Noir

This is a bit atypical for my blog, but the Brussel based electronic artist Antoine Pasqualini aka Monolithe Noir makes music that just gets to me. Hope you enjoy his album ‘Le Son Grave” as much as i do. Out April last year through Luik records.
Favorite track: Current Flashes