Swedish psych Centrum release ‘För Meditation’

The  Swedish band by one of the members of Hills and Weary Nous released their new record ‘För Meditation’ on Rocket Recordings and Danish Psych label Svensk Psych Aften.

This is music that soothes the soul, Centrum makes music that reverbs on a personal level and is psychedelia of the highest order.

drop everything that you are doing and take your time to listen to this work of beauty.












Swedish psych Centrum

On the great Rocket Recordings surfaces a new band, a Swedish band by one of the members of Hills and Weary Nous. This will be released by Rocket Recordings and Danish Psych label Svensk Psych Aften.

The album is called ‘För Meditation’ and will be out April 19.

The first track ‘Stjärnor’ by Centrum is a meditative track filled with psychedelic guitar work.











Kungens Män release CHEF on Riot Season Records.

The Stockholm band keeps amazing with their music. Time and time again they release cosmic music influenced by psych, noise and drone.

This time Kungens Män release their new album “CHEF” for the first time on Riot Season Records. Their previous album “Fuzz på svenska” ended up in my best of 2018 list. “Fuzz på svenska” had more Jazz influences while “CHEF” ends up on the rock/drone spectrum.

Kungens Män is most effective in bringing atmosphere, in creating a cosmic feeling to their music.

This gorgeous album will be on my 2019 list again. Enjoy, and for more psych go to Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.



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Swedish four-Piece MaidaVale


The all-girl 4-piece band MaidaVale, the video “Gold Mine” is a recording in the studeio of TapeTown.

In March the band released their album “Madness is too Pure”.

On their album they blend garage and psychedelic rock creating an interesting sound that gets you hooked real fast. full of energy and cosmic vibes MaidaVale is a band to watch out for.

Check them and more out on Fuzzy Sun’s Psych List.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, zitten en binnen

Swedish doomrockers Alastor

The doomrockers Alastor have released their debut album “Slave To The Grave” on October 31.
The fuzzed out doomriffs of high quality and great songwriting make “Slave to the Grave” an excellent album. It seems all the good fuzzed out doom comes from Sweden these days.
If you want some good produced clean, heavy doom rock then Alastor is the band for you.
Favorite track: Drawn To The Abyss
Check out more heaviness on Fuzzy Sun’s list.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, boom, lucht, buiten en natuur


The magic of Kungens Män

The Swedish band Kungens Män are true sonic magicians. With their latest album “Fuzz på svenska” they have created a work of astonishing beauty.
This album is a psychedelic trip. Extemely wel crafted and one you should play loud and listen to carefully.
Find them and more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s list.
Favorite track: Tung Dialog

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