The Kronk Men release an Evil version of their ablum “3”

Out of Forbidden place records came the new album by oregon rockers The Kronkmen. Their new album “3” was recently released and was really good stuff and now they did something really weird. They released their same album but slowed way down. The thing sounds again good, but now it sounds like the evil sludgy twin brother that is out to get you while you are drooling in your bed at night. This is the soundtrack to your nightmare. Tune in for the Evil verion of The Kronkmen.



The Kronk Men

The stuff that comes out on Forbidden Place Records is always pretty damn cool and it is no different with the Oregon rocker The Kronkmen. They released their thrid album called “3” (who could have guessed that?). This is ten tracks of panic induced surfnoise. Though I always miss vocals on bands like this I have to say I really like this album, the basslines are supercool, its catchy and superentertaining. Listen to The Kronk Men and buy their LP.