Super Paradise share new single

Super Paradise is a band that are making high energy fuzz and psych. They released their debut album ‘Quencebo’ in 2016.

Now it is time for some new music by the band. This year they released two tracks ‘Sweat’ and ‘6:30’ and given us a third track called ‘Feel’

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en buiten




Music Update with The MFDV, Wild Wild Wets, Super Paradise, Day Brake

Again a fresh load of new psychedelic bands and artists you should listen to. Tune in.
MFDV are Morningface and Dorothy Vallens. The album is filled with psychedelic goods, mantra-like tunes for complete relaxation. Out on Sonic Love Records.

Wild Wild Wets
The full album of San Diego garage/psych rockers Wild Wild Wets is out July 22. listen now.

Super Paradise
London garagerockers released the track ‘Sweat’.

Day Brake
Belgian artist Day Brake combines a lot of different elements in the Pink Floyd influenced music