Taiwan Housing Project release ‘Sub​-​Language Trustees’

So, this is quite something. I have listened to Taiwan Housing Project before, their previous album ‘Veblen Death Mask’ was wild and frenzy and pretty good. And now they have a new album out and it is called ‘Sub​-​Language Trustees’. The first track is so frenzy it almost kicked me off my chair. I thought i would not be able to take a full album like that first track, but that is the fun about Taiwan Housing Project, their music is not al the same, each song is wildly different. One thing stays the same though, their music is extremely chaotic, wild and energetic.

‘Sub-Language Trustees’ is an absolutely awesome album but you have to give it a chance, you have to check out each track and then do that all over again, then you’re hooked.

Favorite track: Universal Size


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