Dire Wolves/Headroom split

I did not have time to listen to this split and from what i have heard it was a pretty good one.

The split starts off with the track “The Process of Weirding Out” from the San Francisco space band. A easygoing track with spacey tunes and good singing. It is mostly the atmosphere that makes their three tracks so good, the psychedelic vibe on the soft tracks is excellent and brings you in the perfect mindset.

Headroom is quite amazing, the band brings guitar noise and psychedelica in perfect balance on their three tracks. I think i might be addicted to “Aomidori”.

This is an excellent split album with a superb vibe.




Minami Deutsch / Kuro Split (GOD039)

Again very cool stuff on GOD UNKNOWN RECORDS, this time we got a psychedelic kraut rock track from Japan by the band Minami Deutsch followed by free cosmic jazz sounds by KURO.


minami.pngfoto van KURO.

Bruxa Maria/Casual Nun split

These are two extremely noisy bands from the UK and they got a split out on Hominid Sounds. You need to buy this 12 inch now. A ridiculously loud mix of hardcore and noise rock. Don’t be weak, Buy this fucker. Released March 3.