Landing / Headroom Split LP

Again a nice surprice for the beginning of July. We get the first track of the split EP by Landing and Headroom. This first song is called ‘Seen’ and is gorgeous, it is a very trippy psychedelic song with strong Kraut influences. This LP will be released July 17. Check out the first track.

Acid Mothers Temple​/​Yoo Doo Right Split

A 42 show tour between Acid Mothers Temple and Yoo Doo Right has not only brought great live music but it brought us a split between these two bands. The Japanese Acid Mothers Temple with their never ending output (see Acid Mothers and The Cosmic List for more stuff like this) shared a track called ‘Silver Points and Lines’ and the Montral band Yoo DOO Right shared a heavier track called ‘Speed Guru’. (probably meaning Kawabato from Acid Mothers Temple. Both tracks are again a feast of psych an space rock. Listen now.


Skyjelly / Solilians split

On I Heart Noise we get the new split getween Boston bands Skyjelly and Solilians. The Boston Band Skyjelly I know of and has released some great stuff espescially their latest “We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers”.  Their are three tracks on this split coming from Skyjelly and the first one is up for a listen. “Seeing It” is a mellow psych song wich feels hazy and trippy.

Solilians are new band for me and so the first released track on this split is the first song I heard from the band. “There is No Michigan” is slow, brooding hazy track with vocals that seem to magically blend in to the track.

It seems like this two bands are made for each other. Each possessing a hazy like quality, almost a dream.

The split “In the Running 1” will be released March 14 on IHN.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en close-up

Noyades – Tomaga – Jozef Van Wissem – La Jungle

A 4 bands split on S.K Records with Noyades – Tomaga – Jozef Van Wissem – La Jungle. Check out the French acid/psych sound by Noyades, The very experimental stuff from Tomaga, Lute player Jozef van Wissem and the Belgian riffing duo LA JUNGLE.



Bruxa Maria / MoE Split (GOD049) on God Unknown Records

Another incredible split between two ridiculously heavy bands. Check them out and buy the limited vinyl on the great God Unknown Records.

Bruxa Maria – Ferocious brutal heavy noise punk from South London.

MoE – Minimalist experimental noise rock from Norway

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Arabrot/Radar Men From The Moon split on God Unknown Records

From God Unknown Records comes again a great limited edition split. This time we can hear the noise rock band Arabrot from Haugesund, Norway and the Dutch experimental drone/psych Radar Men From The Moon.

Order yourself the 7 inch now while they are still available.

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Great Falls/Great Sabatini split

For the fan of the slightly heavier sound we get a split between Seattle Great Falls and Montreal’s Great Sabatini.

Great falls (Ex-Kiss It Goodbye, Undertow, Playing Enemy, Jesu) recently released their album ‘A Sense of Rest’.

The Great Sabatini also released a new album called ‘Goodbye Audio’.

Their is a limited edition from te new split available through the Oregan Hex Records. Both bands have an extreme energetic sound full of riffs, noise, punk and sludge.

Released January 18 through Hex Records.




Dire Wolves/Headroom split

I did not have time to listen to this split and from what i have heard it was a pretty good one.

The split starts off with the track “The Process of Weirding Out” from the San Francisco space band. A easygoing track with spacey tunes and good singing. It is mostly the atmosphere that makes their three tracks so good, the psychedelic vibe on the soft tracks is excellent and brings you in the perfect mindset.

Headroom is quite amazing, the band brings guitar noise and psychedelica in perfect balance on their three tracks. I think i might be addicted to “Aomidori”.

This is an excellent split album with a superb vibe.