Excerpts by Perhaps

The Boston space rockers Perhaps released “Hexagon” this year and is featured on my best of list of 2018.

Now they teamed up again with Riot Season Records for a Retrospective/compilation album called “Exerpts”. The profit of the pay-what-you-want album will go directly towards the Perhaps EU tour of 2019.

The album shows again that they are capable of epic space tunes.  Released December 6.



Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: tekenen



The magic of Kungens Män

The Swedish band Kungens Män are true sonic magicians. With their latest album “Fuzz på svenska” they have created a work of astonishing beauty.
This album is a psychedelic trip. Extemely wel crafted and one you should play loud and listen to carefully.
Find them and more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s list.
Favorite track: Tung Dialog

Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.


Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead

The Spanish band Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead have released their self titled album September 12. The 5 track album is a hazy voyage into the cosmic.
Motorik space tunes for all your travels into the cosmos. Check out more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

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Space Rockers Dead Otter

Dead Otter released their album on Riot Season Records. The 5 headed band from Glasgow made with “Bridge of Weird” and exceptionally good space rock record. Plentiful psychedelic solos but still filled with awesome riffs Dead Otter succeeded in making one hell of a music trip.
Favorite track: Waning
Check out more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s psychedelic spotify list.


.–. . .-. …. .- .–. …

Alright, I am intrigued. New music popped up on the great label Riot Season Recordings and its music by Perhaps, the great spacerock band from Boston. In morse code they announce Perhaps 6 and share a first song. Enjoy some repetitive space rock with the latest track “.​-​-​. . .​-​. .​.​.​. .- .​-​-​. .​.​. / .​.​.​. . -​.​.​- .- -​-​. -​-​- -.”
Sounds from the future


Dead Otter on Riot Season Records

Again good stuff on Riot Season Records. This time its the first single by UK band Dead Otter. “Bridge of Weird” is the last track on the album with that same name and spans 13 minutes in length. Thirteen minutes of psychedelic guitar tunes and roaring solos.
The full album will be released on August 17.



heavy psych Black Helium

UK rockers Black Helium recorded their debut ‘Primitive Fuck’ at Hermitage Studios in 2017. The release is planned for July 20 on Riot Season records.
Black Helium is epic space/noise rock album that needs to enter your head. Listen to the two tracks that are up for a listen an buy this psych gem.
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foto van Black Helium.