Spiritualized release new music

The UK space rock band Spiritualized formed by J.Spaceman (Formerly Spaceman 3) released a video for ‘I’m Your Man’ from their upcoming album ‘And Nothing Hurt’ with a release on 7th September 2018 on Bella Union + Fat Possum Records.


foto van Spiritualized.


Heavy psych La Iglesia Atomica

La Iglesia Atomica is an spacerock/heavypsych band from Puerto Rico. The trio released their sophomore album ‘Gran Muro de Coma’ on April 7. The first track ‘Viajero’ spans 20 minutes of gorgeous space rock filled with guitar solos.
The Great Coma Wall (Gran Mura de Coma) is a galaxy wall with a maximum dimension of either 500 million or 750 million light years. Voyager 1 is a space probe launched by NASA on September 5, 1977, It is expected to enter into the cloud, the last cosmic structure before the Wall, in about 300 years.
you don’t have to wait this long to reach the wall, you just need to listen to the psychedelic force that is known as La Iglesia Atomica and your mind will be there before the first track is finished.



Vymaanika sends you through space with Spectroscope

You know, i got to confess something here. I have seen practically every episode of Stargate. I know, I know. I am telling you this because i have found the perfect soundtrack for the show (a bit late since its stopped so long ago). So check out Vymaanika. These are 3 musicians from different parts of the Galaxy  who came to Barcelona to make this epic spacerock.