Ruff Majik release ‘The Devil’s Cattle’

Ruff Majik makes rocknroll like it should be. Heavy riffs, screeching guitars and an excellent voice all at high speed. I have shared the South African band before on the list ‘I Bless The Punk and Psych Down in Africa’.

They have released their album ‘The Devil’s Cattle’ that will be released on October 30. Favourite track for the moment is ‘All You Need is Space’ because it shows how heavy the band can be. Tune in for some excellent stonerrock.

The South-African Garagepunkers Make-Overs

Make-Overs are an South African Garagepunk band. The Learning Curve 7”  vinyl has a limited 300 copies 7’’ vinyl (200 black & 100 yellow) on the Six Tonnes De Chair French DIY Record Label.