Goblin Smoker

Now and then I need to run head first into a wall of sound. And the sound that will break my face today is that of Goblin Smoker, a UK sludge/doom band that oozes heaviness.

They will release their EP “Toad King” December 14. But in the meantime you can let their first track destroy your mental health.

Check out the track “Toad King” here. And if you are in need of more sonic destruction, go to Fuzzy Sun’s list.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, boom en buiten


The Great Sabatini is here to destroy you

With their new album “Goodbye Audio” the sludge/hardcore/noise rockers show what they are worth. Riffs that could sever your spinal cord without you noticing it, eardums that grow legs and take off just to escape The Great Sabatini.

Check out Goodbye Audio (2018, Ancient Temple Recordings) now.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon

The Heavy Dump

Another batch of bands you need to hear. This time heavier and noisier. Check out more heavy on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.


The Swedish doom band Alastor released their first track from their upcoming album “Slave to the Grave”. out on October 31.



First track ‘Swarms From The Swamp’ from the upcoming album ‘Onward to Nothingness’ by the French doom band Pillars. Released by Seeing Red Records on September 28, 2018.

Swamp Hawk 


Dirty riffing on the new album by Kentucky rockers Swamp Hawk. Their self titled album was released on August 24 and is a must have.

Weed Demon


Sludgy Doom by the Ohio band Weed Demon. Their new album “Astrological Passages” was released August 18. Epic heaviness that needs to be listened loudly.

Forming The Void


Very good songwriting on this extra heavy release by Louisiana stoner/doom band Forming the void. ‘Rift’ was released August 17.

Dead Now


2 Released tracks from the upcoming album by Atlanta rockers Dead Now. Catchy and heavy! out September 7.


God Unknown Records: Sneers and Rainbow Grave

I think i may have found my favorite label. Every release the God Unknown Label does is exellent and needs listening and buying. The label is filled to the brim with original noisy psych/experimental stuff. Check out their latest bands.
Rainbow Grave is one of those bands i discovered through God Unknown and God are they good. Slow sludgy riffs, distorted noises and and caveman vocals. The band featuring Nic Bullen (Napalm Death / Scorn), Johnny Doom (Doom), Nathan Warner (Bee Stung Lips) and James Commander is something every fan of the heavy should listen to and listen loud. The 7″ will be out October 5.



Sneers are duo from Berlin and make this intoxicating experimental noise with vocals that screech all the way to your soul. Their new LP  “Heaven Will Rescue Us, We’re The Scum, We’re In The Sun” will be out September 21 on GOd Unknown Records.



Check out their upcoming SIngle Club!

foto van God Unknown.

Last Knell of Om by Morag Tong is out today

The UK  sludge/doom band  Morag Tong release their debut album ‘Last Knell of Om’ today. The debut album is filled with slow heavy riffs but the atmosphere, the long ambient pieces in between the heaviness, this is what makes this album better. The sporadic use of the great desert vocals make this album even better.


Every Stranger Looks Like You release new track ‘Halfway House’

The new single ‘Halfway House’ by Belgian Hardcore/sludge outfit ESLLY is out. The 2 minute track is as hard as nails and is from their new album “I: Levensmoeheid” wich will be out fall 2018. Check out the video and their previous music.