Here, some videos for you

Videos are pretty fun right? No? yes they are, here are some that you can watch. It’s from good bands.

Skiska Skooper release “Surreality Check”

When you press play on the very first track from the new album “Surreality Check” by the Belgian trio Skiska Skooper you immediatly get a gorgeous riff with some distorted underwater like vocals, this is no bullshit heaviness to begin a really good album with. Melodic guitar riffs switch with noiserock brutality and here and there some psychedelic vibes. Most tracks on this album are catchy, heavy and get stuck in your head really fast.

Skiska Skooper took their game a step further and created with “Surreality Check” their best work so far. Heavy tracks like “Cocktail” ,psych/sludge tracks like “Northern Escort’, acoustic stuff like “Heroin Shifter” and grunge in “Silver Linings” create a album that is versatile and fun to listen to.

Favourite track: Clusterfuck

You can find Skiska Skooper and more on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”.

Belgian noiserocker Skiska Skooper return with new single

The heavy rockers Skiska Skooper released their debut album “Universal SPace Shifter” in 2018 and the heaviness hit me right in the face.  The fourth track of that debut album is 42 minutes of psychedelic noise and has even a video. This is stuff you definitely have to check out if you don’t know them.  But now it is time to hear new music by this great band. They have released a new single with a gorgeous video to accompany it. The track is called “Plastic Mastermind” and is taken from their upcoming album “Surreality Check” that will be release March 3rd. On this new track you can hear the eerie heavy noise that is known from Skiska Skooper, but they have evolved , they perfected their sound. Tune in now for “Plastic Mastermind”.

You can find Skiska Skooper and more on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”.

42 minutes video for “Introvert Party’ by the Belgian noiserockers Skiska Skooper

This 42 minute clip plays in the heads of the most expressive of us, the timid. In this clip you can see what you want to see. You can let your mind go wild while there is some fine Belgian noiserock blasting in your ears.

Now, i don’t know about you guys but i think it is pretty clear that this clip is about a frustrated Kangeroo that fell victim to the bombing of the flying soda cans, while, clearly in the end the Lizard People take over the galaxy.

Now, whatever i may think, sit back and enjoy “Introvert Party”, a track from their latest “Universal Space Shifter”. Find Skiska Skooper and friends on the Big Belgian Noiserock List.

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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, baard, bril, binnen en close-up


Skiska Skooper’s Universal Space Shifter

The Belgian Noiserockers Skiska Skooper threw their single a while ago in our face. the thing called ‘Pink Harlot’ and is noisy and catchy, just what we needed. The single is the second track on the new monster called ‘Universal Space Shifter’ wich is out today. Ominous riffs and distorted vocals start on the opening track ‘Multidimensional Tentacle’ followed by the catchy ‘Pink Harlot’. The third track ‘The War on Joy’ shows what the band is capable of, the same bleak atmospere is back but this time in the shape of calm, hushed song only to errupt at the end. ‘Introvert Party’ finishes the album with 42 minutes of non stop noiserock. Skiska Skooper delivers a gorgeous album and show that their future is bright and filled with noise.  You can find them on The Big Belgian Noiserock List too.


Belgian Noiserockers Skiska Skooper

You can bang your head against the wall, stub your toe against a table, get an electric shock in your elbow, accidently cut your nail a bit to much while getting a cramp in your calf and get some dust in your eye. All this things are nothing compared to the wall of sound that will hit you in your cute little face. Beware of Skiska Skooper.
‘Pink Harlot’ is the single for the upcoming album ‘Universal Space Shifter’ recorded in Hook Studio at Hasselt.