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limited to 50 copies Psychic Graveyard ‘Cheap Casket’ on Skin Graft Records

This Friday, June 19th, 2020 from midnight to midnight Pacific Time, Psychic Graveyard, Secret Fun Club, Skin Graft and Bandcamp will donate all profits from this single to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Psychic Graveyard has a pretty good year if you ask me, they released ‘A Bluebird Vacation’and ‘Mouths’ wich are both absolutely excellent.  The band (features members of Arab on Radar, Chinese stars, Doomsday Student and All Leather, Some Girls and Hot Nerds) have released a CD with two remixes for the good cause.


new music

Terms debut soon to be released on Skin Graft

Terms is Danny Piechocki and Christopher Trull – and “Hoarder of Operations” is their SKiN GRAFT Records’ debut. They have played in bands such as Grand Ulena, Jitters and Yowie and now they are ready to release something new with terms. We het the first track ‘Hoarder of Operations’ and two previously released tracks but with new elements. Tune in for the wacky instrumental music of Terms.

new music

listen to some Space Streakings

Do you like your music pretty weird, do you like your guitarmusic a bit wacko and chaotic then you will like SPace Streakings for sure. Two out of print singles are digitally available together with a densely illustrated 18-page PDF comic book that reproduces the original 7″ and comic book set packaging. Recorded in 1993 by ZENI GEVA’s K.K. Null and remastered in 2020, both tracks are exclusive to this release.

Where else would this be released then on the great Skin Graft label ofcourse. Tune in for some absolute Japanese crazyiness and if you are hungry for more check out my Japanese list – The Cosmic Side of Japan -.