Love in Elevator

The album ‘Lies To Stars’ was released in earlier this year in April. It is the first time for me I heard of this band but it seems they have been around for quite some time. The band formed in 2004 in Venice, Italy and they make a mix of psych, shoegaze and good noisey rock. They recorded three albums one EP and one 45rpm. They have opened for bands like Mudhoney (USA), Meat Puppets (USA), Shellac (USA). So, I am very pleased to have learned of the existence of Love in Elevator because they make gorgeous tunes. The band succeeds in making real strong and noisy psych and at the same time they have that dreamy, shoegaze vibe. Good stuff, yes, good stuff.

Tune in for some trippy tunes on the new Firefriend

The Brazilian band Firefriend is close to the release date of their new album ‘Avalanche’. The trio from São Paulo makes psychedelic rock mixed with shoegaze and cosmic vibes. On their upcoming album we can listen to 4 already released tracks and they are very good. The tracks are dreamy but possess some kind of eerie vibe, some kind of darkness in them too.

We can Expect ‘Avalanche’ to land on August 16 through Littel Cloud Records. While you listen to their new music take a bit of time to read the interview  Kevin did with the band too!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, buiten

The Telescopes release first track from upcoming album

The Telescopes are now on route to release their 11th studio album. The album is going to be called “Exploding Head Syndrome” and will be released February 1 on Tapeterecords.

Their first brooding shoegaze/psych track is released and called “Until The End”. The track is accompanied by a psychedelic video. Check them out now.

Black Doldrums release their new EP “Sad Paradise”

This UK psych duo brings you psychedelic fuzz of the best quality. Their new EP has a layered sound with equal parts psych and shoegaze, making it a strong and dreamy.

One of the bands you need to have in your collection. play some Black Doldrums, it will clear your mind and send it across different planes.

Out on Club AC30.

Dreamy psych/Shoegaze Firefriend

On July 13th Brazilian psych/shoegazers Firefriend released their new album ‘Yellow Spider’. The São Paulo rockers create a magical ambience between the soft vocals of Julia and the psychedelic guitar of Yuri. This is a must hear for all the dreamers out there.
Check out the interview with Firefriend by Kevin.
Experience these 7 cosmic tracks for yourself and enjoy.

foto van Firefriend.