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Shifting release ‘It Was Good’


What Shifting has done on their new album ‘It Was Good’ is more than good, they have crafted an intense, heavy noiserock album that is filled to the brim with anxious bass, angry vocals and a eerie postpunk feel to it. The album starts of excellent with ‘Spudgegasm’, it immediatly sets the tone for the rest of the album. The album is very varied though, the tracks switch easily between almost feel good guitartunes that soon turn moldy and noisy.

Shifting has created their very own sound that is very fun to listen to. Their is fun for the whole family in it, Sonic Youth like guitarwork, fun punk, deranged postpunk adn destructive noise rock and riff. Not much more is needed. Thank You Shifting

new music

Shifting release second track and vid

The first released track was called  ‘Spudgegasm’, the seocn is ‘Pig Farm Heaven’ and it only gets more awesome with the new track that is out now. ‘The bland Leading the bland’ has this ominous atmoshpere, the typical shrieking guitar. A shame it is only a minute and a half long.The Irish band is going to release ‘It Was Good’ on August 24.


new music

Shifting to release ‘It Was Good’

The first released track ‘Spudgegasm starts with this shrieking guitar sound and you can already feel this is going to be awesome. A nice groove riff starts over the noise and grungy vocals fall in. The track soon gets a gear higher and changes in an agressive noiserock track. The second track ‘Pig From Heaven’ is dirty and noisy and promises a good album. The Irish band is going to release ‘It Was Good’ on August 24.