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The Tunnel released ‘Condemned​/​Collapse’

San Francisco trio The Tunnel released their latest album ‘Shapeshifter’ on Forbidden Place Records and I really liked it so I am happy to share with you their two new tracks called ‘Condemned’ and ‘Collapsed’ out on King of Sticks Recording Collaborative ( And it is Recorded by Jordan Sobolew (you know, Reptiod, the one I have been ranting about).

Tune in now.

new music

The Tunnel release “Shapeshifter” on Forbidden Place Records

San Francisco trio The Tunnel makes something very unique and cool. and their new album they have created a dark and ominous album. The blbum “Shapeshifter” is something of a mix between noiserock, grunge and doom with Manson like vocals. A very dirty album that really wants a place in your collection.

Favourite track: Punisher

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