Shit and Shine release ‘Salty Tomato’ from upcoming album ‘Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs’

Godd news, good news! on the great Riot Season Records label we got more music incoming by the noiserock/electronic/whateveryoucallit band Shit And Shine. Last year they released ‘Bad Vibes’ wich was an absolute banger. I’ve played the track ‘Yeah I’m On Acid’ all year round. Now that album was all beats and techno and was great but it the first track they released from their upcoming album sounds more like USA/MEXICO (wich Craig Clouse is a member of). The track ‘Salty Tomato’ is all excrutiating guitarterror, vocals from deep beneath infused with their electrosound. Seems we are going to get a violent and loud album, wich makes me happy, that is for sure.

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