Moon Pussy release their new album

I remember I was completely blown a way when I head Moon Pussy for the first time. This band has a very very cool sound that does not bore, it does not matter how many times you listen to it. I still listen regularly to their 2019 release ‘Band Meating’.

Hurray, Joy, Feast, Party! Their new album is out and it is amazing from start to finish. Their sound is even better! the tracks have this rocknroll sound wich makes it so catchy and easy to listen to while their riffs are so good and noisy. This is fast paced noiserock, but now and then the tracks slow down and they let you enjoy the heavy riffs.

A super entertaining album that is really noisy and heavy but still easy to listen too. Moon Pussy really scores with their self titled! Buy it! It is out on The Ghost is Clear!

Favourite track: “Criff and Moths” and “Fail Better” and “Tour” and well you get the picture I guess.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre release new track ‘Cannot Be Saved’

Brian Jonestown Massacre has a date for their 18th studio album! The band led by Anton Newcombe keeps on giving excellent psych to the world.

Only last year they released the great “Something Else”. BJM is a band you can count on, a band that keeps releasing fresh sounding music.

The new track ‘Cannot Be Saved’ is again an example that the band keeps the bar high. The LP recorded at Anton’s studio will be self titled and out on 15 March.

Check out the track here and check out more psych at the Fuzzy Sun list.

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