Nokti release ‘Cockschmerzen’ on Crass Lips Records

I have never heard of the Croatian band Nokti before now and the first track instantly intrigued me. It is very weird and that is what I really like about music. But not only that, a couple seconds in you can hear a saxophone, wich I absolutely love in loud and weird music, so much I made a playlist about it and even added Nokti.

This whole album is a mix of gorgeous experimental weirdness and intense noiserock and it hits me just right in the feels.

Heavy noise and sax on Coach Campa

‘If You’ve Got A Hamer’ is the upcoming album by Coach Campa wich will be released on Already Dead Tapes on July 10. The first track ‘Don’t Be Sorry, Just be Safe’ is out and is pretty damn cool. something between noiserock, grindcore and free jazz. in your face coolness. It is going to be released on tape wich will shine in your collection.

Since I am quite addicted to Sax in heavy music I made a list about it and I added Coach Campa too.

‘Walk It Dry’ by Sly & The Family Drone

This new album by the UK band Sly |the Family Drone is just gorgeous. Their previous album ‘Gentle Persuaders’ was a lot better then all they had released yet and with ‘Walk it Dry’ they continue this trend. The album is focussed on atmoshpere, and the atmosphere is extremely eerie. When I listen to this I always get the feeling I walking in a jungle at night, a jungle filled with dangerous animals and deadly plants but they are all out of sight but I know they are close, the weather is sweaty and the ground wet. ‘Walk It Dry’ is addictive and controlled noise and Sly & the Family Drone show they are masters in their genre. I suggest to lay down when listening to this album. This is music that you should absorb. Gorgeous cover art by Kazland.

Tijuana Hercules release ‘Evening Dressings’ on Skin Graft Records

John Vernon Forbes is the founding member of Tijuana Hercules, but before that he played in Phantom 309 (with Mac McNeilly, future drummer of The Jesus Lizard) and Dirt, before settling in Chicago where he formed Mount Shasta, one of the founding SKiN GRAFT Records acts. Mount Shasta went on to release three albums and a collaborative LP with Japan’s Space Streakings before disbanding.  He is also a Illustrator/Cartoonmaker.

Their new album ‘Evening Dresses’ does not fit at all on Fuzzy Sun. Yet here its, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Seven tracks of Groovy and trippy blues tinged swamp music. It is quite possible the groove and the sax that is getting to me. The music feels feverish and wild. This album is one of the few exceptions (because its not noise or psych) I will post it on Fuzzy Sun because it is dooo good from start to finish.

Listen and enjoy.


Second track from ‘Walk It Dry’ by Sly & The Family Drone

Sly & The Family Drone is becoming some kind of addiction for me, a couple of years ago I discovered their music and was instantly hooked by it, the controlled choas and the experimental and ominous atpmosphere in their music is addictive. And since the release of their previous album ‘Gentle Persuaders’ I feel the band kind of stepped it up. I thought it would be difficult to match the quality of  ‘Gentle Persuaders’ but on their two new tracks ‘Shrieking Grief’ and now the latest track ‘My Torso is a Shotgun’ they succeed yet again in their brilliant noise. A force that sounds so brute and primal, Sly & The Family Drone is something you need in your life. Also, the art by Kazland is gorgeous and fitting. They are on my sax list ofcourse too.

Tune in for the first two tracks and listen to this as loud as possible.

Tijuana Hercules share first track on Skingraft Records

On the epic label Skingraft comes a new album by Tijuana Hercules. The band with John Vernon Forbes who  played in Phantom 309 (with Mac McNeilly, future drummer of The Jesus Lizard) and Dirt, before settling in Chicago where he formed Mount Shasta, one of the founding SKiN GRAFT Records act. Tijuana Hercules is Joe Patt, Doug Abram, Mike Young, Sam Crossland and John Vernon Forbes.  We get the new track ‘ Hands Down’ on this new Seven song Mini-LP “Evening Dresses” that will be released July 10. The track is full of gritty blues and funky rythms and goddamn sax, I love sax!


Trappmusik by Kungens Män

This is quite an amazing band, I thought it would be silent for some time around a band that released two records in 2019 (and both of them where exceptional) but no, they are already back with a new album.The album is called “Trappmusik” and is released February 10 on Adansonia Records.

Like always the band produces highly hypnotic psych. The Swedish band has proven themselves as lords in the improv psych music. Alway creating gorgeous atmosperes, sometimes kraut, sometimes jazz and experimental but alway trippy. This is something that is made with care and love. Tune in for a magnificent album by Kungens Män.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 6 mensen, lucht, wolk, buiten en close-up


Solar Corona released “Saint​-​Jean​-​de​-​Luz”

This Portuguese band released an album filled with kraut, jazz and psych. “Saint​-​Jean​-​de​-​Luz” is one trip of pure hypnotic fun. The album was released December 25, 2019 and has  four tracks each one longer then 10 minutes and somehow this still is not enough for me. The moment the sax starts brilliance has arrived.  Tune in now and enjoy these Godly tunes.