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The Ghost Is Clear Records 2020 Sampler

This great label just released their 2020 sampler and asks to SHARE & Donate for this collection! (donations will go to a TBA KC based organization in place to help those directly affected as of late).

The list of awesome bands on this samples is really frikkin long. This album should keep you occupied for a while, tune in now and buy it.

new music


Okay, 2020 just looks a lot better after listening to this release. Forbidden Place Records is a very good label and has released some excquisite records in the past but now they released their 2020 sampler with the artist they are going to work with in 2020 and it is goddamn amazing. There are 20 tracks on “ESCAPE TO WEIRD MOUNTAIN VOLUME 5” and some of the artists I know others are new to me. I love learning about new bands and I am very much looking forward to new music by Jars, Melting Human Trash, This is Wreckage and Ed Hall. what a glorious release. Buy the album and press play.

new music

Loud, Slow and Distorted Riffs Sampler 2019

Loud, Slow and Distorted Riffs is the Mexican label that focuses on doom, stoner and well riffs and stuff ofcourse. There is always great stuff released and this small label and now theyr shared a sampler for 2019. And there is some absolutely great and heavy stuff to find. I suggest you dive in immediatly.

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