Belgian rockers Whorses

The Belgian band Whorses released their debut single ‘Rocky’ wich is their first studio material.

The track starts of easy and you would think the band makes some nice easy indie tunes but not for long because the track soon explodes in a heavy noisy riff. There aren’t a lot of bands that succeed in combining these soft tunes and crushing guitar sound in one track, but Whorses sure do.

This is a band to watch and i am sure we will get a lot more interesting material from Whorses!

Check out their videoclip, play loud and destroy your ears.

They are added to the Big Belgian Noiserock List.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, tekst en close-up


Arcadian Child release Superfonica

Through Ripple Music and Rogue Wave records the Greek psych band Arcadian Child release their new album “Superfonica”.

A solid album with some good psychedelic rock tunes and great vocals. The band shifts easily between strong and dreamy vibes.

“Superfonica” is a must-hear for every rock fan. Released on November 23.

Favorite track: Twist Your Spirit

For more psych, check out Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, op podium, staan en buiten

Mexican Summer: A Decade Deeper

Mexican Summer is 10 years old, and to celebrate it they released a limited edition LP featuring unreleased music from Ariel Pink, Connan Mockasin, Drugdealer, and many others.
The digital album is already available! Check them and more out at Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.
Favorite track: Tonstartssbandht – Livin’ in Hope

Geen automatische alt-tekst beschikbaar.




Windhand release ‘Eternal Return’

For two mounths I have been humming the first track Windhand released. ‘Humming’  is gorgeous track and it made me an instant fan of Windhand.  They released their album “Eternal Return’ today on Relapse records.
The heavy psych band made a refined and heavy album that is easy to listen to and gets in your head faster than booze.
Favorite track: Light into Dark
Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify





Belgian experimental rockers El Yunque

The Belgian Band El Yunque is back with a new track/video. Their third album “O Hi Mark” will be out 12 October by sentimental. This will be an important album for 2018 due to extreme coolness.
Loads of crazyness wich you absolutely need to hear. Wake up and listen to El Yunque.


Check out their previous album here:



Boar – Poseidon

Finnish doom rockers ‘Boar’ release new album ‘Poseidon’ tomorrow, 1st June. A melting pot of styles see ‘Boar’ create an album that continues to grab your attention all the way through.

First track off the album ’12’ demonstrates that no-one can do doom like the Finns! Available on LostPilgrims Records on an exclusive green 12″ vinyl that looks pretty awesome.

boar LP.jpg

More Information





Did you hear there is a new TOOL song out? Yeah, everyone heard, but what you probably don’t know is the latest album by the Belgian rockers HEISA.  Their latest self titled album is filled with distorted vocals, psychedelic passages, heavy drums and riffs. Their songs are rich and complex, full of different layers. and yes, it has a tool vibe in it. get to know them fast. This is an album you can relisten many times.
Watch their brand new videoclip and listen to the intense sound that is HEISA.


Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Heavy Psych Sounds Records & Booking is a record label and booking agency specialized in Heavy Psych, Stoner, Retro Rock, Vintage Rock, Proto Punk, Sludge, Acid Rock, Doom, Space Rock, 70 Rock, Garage Psych and Fuzz Blues.
March 16 they released their Vol III samples full of heavy psych with 16 bands – 16 tracks. Check out the bandcamp page that is filled with louds of loud goods.



Girlsville Records & Tapes is filled with goodies

Only a short while ago i discovered the girlsville records and tapes and wow, am i happy i know this know. I still have to go through their whole catalogue but the first two things i discovered are absolutely great and i really need to share them with you.
The first is the all female sludge/punk/garageband Towanda who will release their EP ‘Freak of Nurture’ on April 6. This EP has a real heavy sound that makes you slowly moving to the riffs. This is great stuff!


The second thing is the our voltage compilation. These are compilation is stuffed with garage and punk. Discover some gems for yourself! Out March 1.
Open thy wallet now.

our voltage1.jpg



The Death Wheelers share new track

Heavy Rockers The Death Wheelers share the first track ‘I Tread on your Grave’ from the same titled album out May 11 on Riding Easy Records.
Decimated in 1972 by local authorities, all members of The Death Wheelers, a notorious motorcycle club, have been buried at the Surrey cemetery. But the time has come and they have risen for their last ride. They’re back from the grave and they’re hungry for blood! Nothing can stop this gang of living dead from recruiting new members as they travel coast to coast to find the filthiest, nastiest, trashiest individuals to join their ranks. Their goal, assemble a legion of 13 “discycles” (disciples+cycles) to seek revenge on the pigs that dismantled the club and send them to their graves. The cycle of violence continues…

the death wheelers.jpg

New 7″ by Thurston Moore

Again real good new work by Thurston Moore. ‘MX Liberty’ is up for a listen. Buy it through Blank Editions.
Thurston, with members of his London based group, Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine), James Sedwards (Nøught) and Jem Doulton (Dead Days Beyond Help) recorded the music in a studio nearby the early ‘70s hq of Britain’s Angry Brigade on Amhurst Road, N16. This non-violent group of anarchists poets and writers of resistance remain a source of radical inspiration for Thurston & Radieux.
On the flip is “Panik” Thurston’s cover of one of the great generation zero punk rock records of all time. Originally recorded by the legendary group Metal Urbain from the 1977 streets of Paris burning with insolence and primal angst energy. It’s lyrics even more pertinent today in the face of contempo-demagoguery.
Side A: Mx Liberty
Side B: Panik