Danish rockers Mavourneen

The Danish SPOT festival the Danish rockers Mavourneen played their track ‘Bliss’ at the Tapetown Sessions. The track is coming from a yet to be announced debut album. A fresh band emerging out of nothing with a ferocious and raw sound.

A band to watch! check out ‘Bliss’ now!



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French heavy rockers Lysistrata

Somewhere in France are three dudes who go under the name of Lysistrata. The band released their debut album on Vicious Circle Records in 2017.

Now the band is back with a new track from their upcoming album. ‘Breathe in/Out’ will be released October 18 again on Vicious Circle Records.

Tune in for the track ‘Mourn’ from that upcoming album.



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Whorses Live on Carpet Sessions

You can check out two tracks from the Belgian rockers Whorses on the Carpet Sessions in Bruges.  The previously released single ‘Rocky’ and the new track ‘Have You Seen Bob’ are played live.

Tune in to check out their work!

Whorses are added to the Big Belgian Noiserock List. (Though they play something between noiserock and folk)


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Show Me The Body release ‘Dog Whistle’

This weekend I told someone I have never listened to SMTB and that person looked at me all strange and just left without saying something. Really glad he left cause he was some weird hipster but I still felt like maybe I should listen to SMTB.

So I did, and I have to admit I was instantly hooked. This band produces experimental punk fueled with anger and noise. They recently released their new LP ‘Dog Whistle’ and it is absolute fun to listen to. There are a lot of different vibes and genres throughout the album wich keeps it interesting. The hipster seems to be right.



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Lower Slaughter release ‘Some Things Take Work’

The second album by Lower Slaughter is released and is called ‘Some Things Take Work’. The album is one big energetic punk/rocknroll riff.

‘Some Things Take Time’ is loud and energetic and needs your attention. Released on Box Records March 29.


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