Craneium released “The Narrow Line”

The second album by the Finnish fuzz rockers Craneium. the new album “The Narrow Line” is released November 23 on Ripple Music.

Craneium blends stoner rock and fuzz rock with great songwriting on their new album.

Favorite track: Redemtion

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen en tekst

Greek psych Arcadian Child

Great to hear the psychedelic rockers Arcadian Child are back with new music.  Their new track ‘Painting’ from their upcoming album is a bit softer but with much feeling the greek band mix slow dreamy pop with psych elements slowly building to a great track!
Check out the visuals for the new track ‘Painting’ that will be on the album “Superfonica” out through Ripple Music and Rogue Wave Records.
Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list

foto van Arcadian Child.