Heavy psych The Lunar Effect

The London psychedelic rock band The Lunar effect will release their new album “Calm Before The Calm”. Here we can hear a band with a mature sound full of psych and heavy blues.

The album will be released January 25 and in the meantime we can listen to two tracks.

Check them out.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 5 mensen, staande mensen, baard en nacht


Retro psych tunes on the new Astral Blue

Suddenly you are on a green meadow and at the end is a low budget stage, there are flowers everywhere and everyone is high as a kite and on stage is a band called Astral Blue. Astral blue is not from the 70’s, they just released a psych album ‘Out of The Astral Blue’ in march 2018, yet they sound really 70’s. enjoy these fine gorgeous tunes.

foto van Astral Blue.