Gorgeous Indo-Canadian psych Carrom

I have shared Naujawanan Baidar from the label Radio Khiyaban in the past, and I was so happy to discover this Netherlands based label because Naujawanan really brought me a lot of listening pleasure. It ended real high on my end of the year list between all the noise and heavy psych.
Now I immidiatly started following the label ofcourse and now there is a new release by a band called Carrom. This is an Indo-Canadian psychedelic rock band and they shared their first single from the upcoming album wich will be called ‘Alter-Destinies’. The first track ‘Todo Cosmologies’ is hazy psych with an Indian influence.
The album will be released on June one in a limited run of 100 casettes. Just as the Naujawanan Baider tape this will be collectors gold in their collection.
Enjoy this beautifull track now!
And here is some more Naujawanan Baidar, never can get enough of him.