USA Nails release ‘Life Cinema’

The London noisy punk band USA Nails is back with their new album ‘Life Cinema’. The album is produced by Wayne Adams. ‘Life Cinema’ is a perfect example of how noisy and dirty punk still can be catchy. Loud enough to attack your senses and still very fun to listen to.

‘Life Cinema’ is an absolute killer of a punk album and builds an excellent bridge between noise rock and punk.

We can expect this beast to land April 10 on Bigoût Records, Dipped In Gold Records (UK) and Hex Records (USA).

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new track by Mannequin Pussy

Great news, the Philadelphia punk band Mannequin Pussy will release a new album June 21 on Epitaph. Maybe a bit more sober than what i usually share on Fuzzy Sun, but since their album ‘Romantic’ i think this is a great band with lots to offer.

The new track is called ‘Drunk II’ and is from their new album ‘Patience’. Think what you will but it is good to have something refreshing between all this psych and noise. check them out now.

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Show Me The Body release ‘Dog Whistle’

This weekend I told someone I have never listened to SMTB and that person looked at me all strange and just left without saying something. Really glad he left cause he was some weird hipster but I still felt like maybe I should listen to SMTB.

So I did, and I have to admit I was instantly hooked. This band produces experimental punk fueled with anger and noise. They recently released their new LP ‘Dog Whistle’ and it is absolute fun to listen to. There are a lot of different vibes and genres throughout the album wich keeps it interesting. The hipster seems to be right.

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Lower Slaughter release ‘Some Things Take Work’

The second album by Lower Slaughter is released and is called ‘Some Things Take Work’. The album is one big energetic punk/rocknroll riff.

‘Some Things Take Time’ is loud and energetic and needs your attention. Released on Box Records March 29.

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Belgian noisepunkers Cocaine Piss release ‘Passionate and Tragic’

‘Passionate and Tragic’ is the new album by Cocaine Piss and is out now. The album is produced by Steve Albini.

I don’t know how this is possible but the noisepunkers succeeded in releasing a groovy album. Seems a bit strange that noisepunk can be groovy, but it is. The sound on their new album has evolved, grown colorfull and is still brutal just like we want from Cocaine Piss.

A really fast and wild album full of excitement.

Favorite track: Body Euphoria

Low Dose release S/T

Iterya Rosenberg (Ledendary Divorce) and the final lineup of the noise rock band Fight Amp come together to form the band Low Dose. The band makes heavy grunge with a splash of punk. Their ten track album is out March  29 on Knifehitsrecords and Brutal Panda Records.

Low Dose delivers an excellent energetic album and every minute is worth your time and money.

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3rd track from the Belgian noisepunkers Cocaine Piss

The upcoming album by Belgian noisepunkers Cocaine Piss will be called ‘Passionate and Tragic’ and will be released April 5. The album is produced by Steve Albini.

Check out their latest shared track by the always wild band Cocaine Piss before the release in a couple of days.

Listen to ‘Eat the Rich’

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