Cunts are made of members of  Dead Cross, Qui, Retox, Virginia Reed, Hep.Titus and Planet B. This band makes in your face punkrock, punkrock of the real kind, the kind that makes you slightly agressive and filled with energy you did not now you had. They just released their new album “Cunts” on Ipecac Recordings. This is 13 tracks long awesome punknoise. I am a bit blown away by this, this album is extremely fun to listen to, every track is great, there is an awesome Tom Waits cover on it. This album has it all.I absolutely recommend this album to everyone who like their music feral and energetic. Cunts are awesome. Released November one on Ipecac Recordings.

Favorite track: Dying To Hit and the cover Going Out West


Locean release ‘Chav Anglais’ on Artificial Head Records

From Manchester comes the band Locean with an incredible new release. This is another one of those bands this year that excels in their originality. Locean brilliantly infuses their music with a lot of different genres, there is noiserock, punkrock, nowave, psych and I don’t know what else. They experiment with these genres and create something unique and very pleasant to listen to. The album starts of with a 7 minute track with a gorgeous bassline, noiseguiters through the track and the hypnotic vocals of Lauren Bolger. “Skyn” is the second track and sounds like a trip on mushrooms, six minutes of trance. “Pussycat” was the single and the most energetic track. The album closes with “No Skyn” and shows a band that can create an hypnotic atmosphere with noise influences and psych.

“Chav Anglais” is released November 1 on Artificial Head Records and is a beautiful piece of hypnotic psych and noise. Most definitly will Locean end up on my end of the year list.

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New Bedlam release ‘Working Stiff’

Atlanta rockers New Bedlam released their new EP ‘Working Stiff’. This is one of those no nonsense riff fueled punk/noiserock/sludge  bands that make high energy rock that is just impossible not to like. ‘Working Stiff’ is five tracks long and is at least ten tracks short. This is the kind of music that I can play all day long, this is car music, work music, sports music (I don’t know this for sure though, have not tried sports yet), this is music that gives you energy, that makes you think you are better then everyone else but sadly you are still the same loser.

‘Working Stiff’ is medicine for the riff worshipper. Tune in now and be blown away.

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Those Fucking Snowflakes

High energy punkers Those Fucking Snowflakes are from Blackpool and are made by members of Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons, Litterbug, Uncle Paul, Goonies Never Say Die and you know, more.

‘Stop Being Dickheads To Each Other’ is the first single from their upcoming EP ‘U ok Hun?’ wich will land somewhere in January next year.

It is a video too, wich is nice, videos are fun. Tune in for some frenetic and noisy punk by a band we will certainly hear more from.

15th OCTOBER at The Waterloo, Blackpool
16th NOVEMBER at The Star and Garter, Manchester
20th DECEMBER at The Spinning Top, Stockport
21st DECEMBER at Bootleg Social, Blackpool
28th DECEMBER at the Bobbin, Lancaster
17th JANUARY at the Salty Dog, Northwich


Gloop release ‘Smiling Lines’

The Baltimore noiserockers Gloop released their new album ‘Smiling Lines’. This album is one rollercoaster of wild punk and noiserock, frenzy unpolished rock that enters your brain unfiltered. ‘Smiling Lines’ is loud and energetic.

Released September 27. Tune in now and buy this stuff on CD and Cassette


JARS release “ПОДЛОГ”

JARS is an Russian three piece noisepunk/rock band. Their music is wild and frenzy, filled with anger. Their new EP “ПОДЛОГ” is five tracks long and was released August 29 on Pogo Records.

Their previous album “ДЖРС II / JRS II” is out on American label Forbidden Place Records. They have combines their new EP and their 2018 music in one album to be released on Forbidden Place Records.

This band makes some really catchy tunes and they find a very good balance between the heavy, noisy stuff and the catchy tunes wich makes their music really fast, hard an loud but easy to listen to. Tune in now and listen for yourselves.

A band you really need to know.

Favourite track: MEHT

I asked my girlfriend (who hates noiserock and psych) to review this band, this is what she says: ‘You should do more meaningfull stuff like doing the dishes then listening to men shouting’.

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Locean to release ‘Chav Angels’, share first track

Manchester band Locean released the first track called ‘Pussycat’ from their upcoming EP called ‘Chav Angels’. This EP will be released October 18 through Artificial Records. The first track is an excellent mix of chaotic noise, gorgeous bass lines and punk vocals. I want more of this, yes please.

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