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Cutters release ‘Australian War Crimes’

Melbourne punkers Cutters release quite a lot of music, and every time it is pretty damn awesome. This time their release is called ‘Australian War Crimes’ and is again fast paced hardcore punk. Tune in and enjoy this beast.

new music

Gloop to release ‘Crayon Sun’

The Baltimore noiserockers Gloop released the album ‘Smiling Lines’ in September 2019 and that was a really good one so I am glad to hear they are back with new music. The first track is called ‘Crayon Sun’ and is taken from the album with that same name that will be released August 20. That wild new track got me thinking a bit of Luggage on speed. To be released on Grimoire Records.

new music

New experimental track ‘Cam Girls’ from Pure Adult

Pure Adult is a new York duo that makes refreshing and original experimental punk. They released their debut  in 2019 and it ended on my end of the year list, I am really impressed  by their succesfull experimentation with noiserock, punk and, well, sounds. A while ago they shared the track ‘Mis en Scene’ that you can check out below but now they shared the brandnew track ‘Cam Girls’ and the only way to describe the sounds on this one is that it sounds like Pure Adult sounds and that is pretty fucking awesome.

Pure Adult is ofcourse on my Duo list too.



In Germany there is a trio that is called Suck and they make wild garagepunk. Fast and energetic punk riffs with a bit of hardcore, thrashmetal and garage influences, most of all their music is loud, heavy and fun to listen too. They have their first 7″ inch out and it is a superlimited edition so be fast.

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Codex Serafini release ‘Invisible Landscapes’

Codex Serafini make outer-space cosmic music that originates somewhere out of Sussex. Their new album ‘Invisible Landscapes’ is out since June 11th and what is most noticable is how trippy it is, this is super psychedelic with an occult feel to it. It is al very experimental yet accessible. The thing has oriental vibes, noise, kraut and for some reason it blends together perfectly well. I liker this, I like this very much.

It is time to take your mind to the cosmos with Codex Serafini


The Linda Lindas

You probably have heard them and seen the video for the track ‘Racist, Sexist Boy’ quite a lot now and I remember I was completely blown away the first time I was them a while ago. They have gone viral and that is more then just. The track by the LA all-girl Asian-American and Latinx The Linda Lindas is awesome, with that kinda fire they sure release much more great music and I am really looking forward too it. i should have posted this here at the start but here it is now for the people who have not had the pleasure to listen to it. Enjoy.

new music

Codex Serafini share track from upcoming album ‘Invisible Landscapes’

Codex Serafini make outer-space cosmic music that originates somewhere out of Sussex. Their new track is called ‘Time, Change and Become’ and is taken from the upcoming  ‘Invisible Cities’ wich will be released June 11. Tune in for some wild cosmic spacerock.

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hardcore punk Band Cutters return

Melbourne punkers Cutters are back with a new EP called ‘Modern Problems’, released on April 14. This is six tracks of oldschool heavy and raw punk. ‘Modern Problems’ is both heavy and catchy. Tune in now and if you want some more hardcore punk then check out this little list.


Preening released ‘Dragged Through The Garden’

This trio makes Sax driven punk with a crazy twist. Their new album ‘Dragged Through The Garden’ is out now and is a really fun listen. These are nine tracks are an absolute blast to listen too. As I am a big fan of sax I put Preening on ‘The Insanely Godd and Heavy Sax List‘. Tune in and enjoy.

Favourite track: Twinning

FFO French Vanilla

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Kurvy Češi release ‘We Are Family’

On the Czech label Stoned to Death comes the new album by Kurvy Češi wich is called ‘We Are Family’ and is nine tracks of unfiltered, raw and loud noisepunk. Their music is loud and has a bit of garagerock feeling too wich makes it a very fun listen. Tune in now and check them out.

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Warish share first track from upcoming album ‘Next To Pay’

The Californian band Warish fronted by Tony Hawk’s son Riley Hawk returns even stronger than before. The trio has released some awesome punk/stoner in the past but this track may be their heaviest yet and instantly my favourite one. The track is called ‘Say To Please’ and is taken from their upcoming album ‘Next To Pay’ wich will be released April 30 on Riding Easy Records.


Silk Leash release ROT​/​PIGS

I noticed their a quite a lot of bands that are difficult to find more about and a lot of them are these hardcore/noise/punk bands and I always like their sound. A sound that is very dirty, raw and loud. Silk Leash is a band like this, The Maryland hardcore/noisepunkers released two tracks and both are really loud and good.

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Locean release ‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ on Artificial Head Records

Really happy to say here that the Manchester band Locean is back with a new album. The band released the absolutly gorgeous album ‘Chav Anglais’ last year end it ended on my favourite list of 2019.

Now after hearing the full album I am even more excited, This new album called ‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ is a brilliant piece of experimental postpunk/noise whatever music.

The vocals, wich are really cool, belong to Lauren Bolger who does the vocals on two tracks of the Holy Scum EP’s too.  The band has two drummers, Danny Watson and Ben Nield. Jefferson Templeon does Guitar, Mixing & Mastering. Then two bassist David McLean and Ash Reid. Keys are Marion Mucciante and the Vibe by Neil Francis.

I was patiently waiting on this album because it is the last one I really wanted to hear this year before the release of my EOTY list, wich will be out on 14th of December an wich Locean is a part of.

The album starts with the smooth track ‘Coca Cola’ wich brings you in this hypnotic vibe. The second one is ‘Clicking Fingers’ and is 8 minutes of refreshing experimental minimal eerie nowave that slowly builds to a noisefest. ‘Sppruce Bingsteen’ was the single they shared a while ago and builds further on the vibe of ‘Clicking Fingers’ but with an even more eerie vibe. ‘Twenty Zen’ makes you ascend to heaven. The the ten minute track ‘Officer’ is a gorgeous psych, really lovin the guitar and basslines here. ‘Forever Zen’ may be my favourite at the moment with the psychedelic atmosphere and screeching guiters that hit me right in the feels. More psychedelic guitarwork on ‘Looking for Melody’ and tha albums ends with the thirteen minute track ‘All Around Me’ that is meditive and magnificent.

I love experimental music and with this album Locean have proven them masters in mixing all different kinds of experimental genres in one hypnotic, wild ride. ‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ is all about amosphere, feelings, and intensity but it is most of all a very layered album wich makes you discover new dimensions with each listen. A brilliant album!

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JARS to release “III / ДЖРС III” on Forbidden Place Records/ Pogorecords

JARS is an Russian three piece noisepunk/rock band. Their music is wild and frenzy, filled with anger. Their new album “III / ДЖРС III” features a new drummer and bassist and with this brand new line-up they have a more catchy punk sound but still dirty enough for the noiserockfan. The first track is called ‘Sick’ and you can listen to it here. Out on Forbidden Place Records and Pogorecords.

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Twisted Ankle release self titles album

The UK band Twisted Ankle deals in experimental punk that can sound jolly and fun but also in your face crushing punk. This album is an excellent album, it is fun but still tough enough to boast about it to your friends.

listen, yeah, listen to it and then  buyt it, there are tracks on for every membe rof the family, you can’t miss.

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Belgian Garagepunk Nutshell

I like nuts and I like garagepunk and I am from Belgium. So does this mean I like the band Nutshell? Yes it does! Nutshell are five humans making punk and garage with jolly vibes. There are three tracks and a new video up for a listen from their EP ‘Tidal Waves’ wich is out since July 24. The track ‘The Malthusian Trap’ is the heaviest of the tracks and is my favourite track.

Tune in, watch the video and move a bit to the sounds of Nutshell.