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White Suns release ‘The Lower Way’

On the Decoherence label comes the new album from White Suns. Be prepared before you embark on this sonic journey, White Suns did make some absolutely destructive music in the past but I think they have now made the loudest stuff possible. This deranged album is something between bonecrushing noiserock and mind altering noise. The experimentalism on this album makes it even better, the sounds stay fresh and wild and it keeps surprising. This is not for the faint of heart though, ‘The Lower Way’ is extreme, experimental and above all, a sonic wet dream for the noise lover.

Best enjoyed in the dark with no friends.

new music

White Suns to release ‘The Lower Way’

The trio have released some really heavy music in the past and the band has always been somewhere between experimenbtal noiserock and noise. Now they return on the great Decoherence label with new music. The first track ‘Ordinance’ is out and it is heavy, experimental and chaotic, perfect to play at the family table this Christmas. It is taken from their upcoming album ‘The Lower Way’ wich will be released January 25, 2021.

Play very loud to get the right feeling.