Rev Rev Rev release new music on Fuzz Club

The Italian band Rev Rev Rev will release a new album on Fuzz Club wich will be called ‘Kykeon’ and will be released later this year.

‘Clutching the Blade’ is the first track they shared and is filled with fuzz and noise. A great track wich promises a good album!

Tune in here.

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Psychedelic noise 11PARANOIAS

Screeching guitars, solo’s that destroy concrete and psychedelic sounds that bend time and space. The experimental band 11PARANOIAS (with a member from BONG)  will released their new album ‘Asterismal’ March 15 on Ritual Productions.

Tune in, turn loud and start your nightmarish psychedelic trip.

Terminal Cheesecake share song from ‘Le Sacre Du Liévre’

Somewhere at the end of the 80 Terminal Cheesecake was born, bringing destructive industrial psych sounds into our world. The noiserocking band just announced their new album ‘Le Sacre Du Lievre’ on Box Records wich will be released May 10.

The first track they shared is called ‘V.D.K. Neck’ and is an absolute psychedelic noise fest.

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Experimental music on the new Black To Comm

Black to Comm is the solo project of Marc Richter. His new album “Seven Horses For Seven Kings” is now out through Thrill Jockey.

With samples and digital manipulation Marc Richet creates a challenging new sound. Something deep psychedelic and dreamy.

This  album is innovative and it feel deeply personal. Listen to “Seven Horses For Seven kings” now.

Favorite track: Fly on You

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Doppelleben by The Mon

The Mon is the solo project by Urlo from Uffomammut.
The project is a mix between ambient, doom and psychedelic soundscapes. The album is a collection of songs made between December 2016 and January 2018.
“Doppelleben” is released November 8 through Supernatural Cat, the label by member of Ufomammut and the Malleus Rock Art Collective.
Favorite track: Salvator Mundi

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Psychrockers Smock release vid and track from upcoming EP

The New Jersey band SMOCK will release a brand new EP called Interstellar Nobody on June 16th. in the meantime we can check a vid and a single from their upcoming EP.
This is absolutely wild Fuzzrock that needs to enter your ears. Great promising stuff, can’t wait for the new EP.
If I knew when I’d lose my head
Then I’d know, then I’d know that

You’re what’s in my head

I look inside my thoughtful head
Then I’ll wait, till I knew that

You’re whats in my head

When I knew I knew when

I’ll lose my head
When I know when that
You’re whats in my head

Whats in my head
I lost my mind

foto van Smock.