Helicon release “This Can Only Lead To Chaos” on Fuzz Club

Glasgow psych band Helicon is back with new music after their lastest EP “Zero Fucks”. the released their new album  “This Can Only Lead To Chaos” on January 24, 2020 on the great Fuzz Club.

The band released a dark and brooding psych album filled with eerie psychedelia. Heavy psych with motorik noise. This is a band that never disappoints. Tune in for “This Can Only Lead To Chaos”

Favourite track: Bardo Thodol


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Codex Serafini share track

Codex Serafini are a Saturnian Ritualistic band hailing from outer-space, currently passing through Earth and temporally residing in Sussex. They just released their first track from their upcoming album “Serpents of Enceladus”. The first track is something really cool, it is two minuts of psychedelic punk. Tune in and enjoy the first track, the full album will be released  February 7.


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The Cult of Dom Keller release “Ascend!”

The Cult of Dom Keller has been creating cosmic music since 2007, they released EP’s, splits, cd’s, LP on all kinds of cool labels. Now they released their album “Ascend!” wich will on Cardinal Fuzz. This album is 9 tracks of experimental psych, cosmic trippy vibes and space rock. An excellent album! Favourite track: We’re All Fucked (Up).






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Kanaan share first track from upcoming album on El Paraiso

The Norwegian trio released their debut “Windborne” in 2018 and is now back with a first track called “Of Raging Billows Breaking On The Ground (feat. Jonas Munk)” wich is taken from their new album “Odense Sessions” wich will be out February 14 on El Paraiso. On this new track you can hear Causa Sui guitar player Jonas Munk. Kanaan makes epic instrumental impro psychedelic rock. Enjoy the first track now and pre-order here.



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Heavy psych rockers Slift share second track

The second track by the French psychrockers is again a raging spacerock song full of heavypsych riffs wild unfermented solos and catchy hooks. The track is called “Hyperion”. The name is taken from my favourite scifi/fantasy book “Hyperion” from Dan Simmons. Their First track was called “Ummon” wich reffers to an AI god in the Hyperion Cantos. Their full album will be out February 28th 2020 on Stolen Body Records.



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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard release third live album “Live in Brussels” and again 100% of proceeds go to WILDLIFE VICTORIA

The band shared two live albums recently and the proceeds will go to Wildlife Victoria. Australia is on fire and it needs your help. It is for a good cause, it is awesome music so go press buy and listen to the “Live in Brussels” album now.



Las Cobras release “Selva”

Las Cobras have made me hunger for their exotic psychedelic sound since the release of their absolutely awesome album “Temporal” back in 2016. Today the Uruguay dou release their new album “Selva” on Fuzz Club Records and it is yet again gorgeous exotic psych. The trippy basslines and cosmic vibe go throughout the album and make this one hell of a hypnotic listen.

January has already got some amazing released and Las Cobras is only making it better. Tune in now and trip away. Out today on Fuzz Club


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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard release two live albums and 100% of proceeds go to WILDLIFE VICTORIA

Australia is on fire, the whole place is burning and it needs all of our help. One way of doing this is buying the two live albums the band have just released. The proceeds will go to Wildlife Victoria. I am not a big fan of live albums and this may be very well the first live album I posted and I bought them too because this is different. Help out and buy them too.



Mexican Psych pop Pipe’s Mind

Last year I shared mostly very noisy psychrock and heavy destructive noiserock and I will try to mix it up a little bit in 2020. So I found the band Pipe’s Mind in my mailbox. The band is from Mexico and will soon release a full LP. The track “Magician’s Rabbit” is taken from their upcoming full LP.  The track is has a really trippy dreamlike vibe and is an earworm. Now this is the softer music I really like.

There s a second song available on spotify that sounds like an epic rock classic that is called “Helios”.

I am really curious how their other tracks will sound like. Tune in enjoy the tunes of Pipe’s Mind.


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Solar Corona released “Saint​-​Jean​-​de​-​Luz”

This Portuguese band released an album filled with kraut, jazz and psych. “Saint​-​Jean​-​de​-​Luz” is one trip of pure hypnotic fun. The album was released December 25, 2019 and has  four tracks each one longer then 10 minutes and somehow this still is not enough for me. The moment the sax starts brilliance has arrived.  Tune in now and enjoy these Godly tunes.



A Few Of My Favourite Albums of 2019, By Kevin Drummond

I think we can all agree that the last 12 months has seen some amazing releases in the world of Psych induced music. What you probably won’t agree with, is my favourite albums of 2019. But hey, opinions are like ass holes, we’ve all got one!

So here in no particular order is the 20 albums I’ve really enjoyed this year with a track from each of them should you be so inclined to check them out. Click on the link to the album to visit the bands Bandcamp page and share some of your hard earned money with the amazing bands & people making  this wonderful music we all love so much. Here’s hoping for another year of fantastic music to come.

1. The Cosmic Dead – Scottish Space Race

2.Firefriend – Avalanche

3.Centrum – För Meditation

4.The Utopia Strong – The Utopia Strong

5.10000 Russos – Kompromat

6.The Gluts – Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip

7.White Canyon & The 5th Dimension – White Canyon & The 5th Dimension

8.The Brian Jonestown Massacre – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

9. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – DeFacto

10.L’Epee – Diabolique

11. Rose City Band – Rose City Band

12.The Sonic Dawn – Eclipse

13.Psychic Lemon – Freak Mammal

14.Acid Rooster – Acid Rooster

15.JuJu – Maps And Territory

16. Abronia – The Whole Of Each Eye

17. The Recalls – Feedback

18. Frankie Teardrop Dead – Plane Eclipse

19. Julies Haircut – In The Silence Electric

20. Josefin Öhrn & The Liberation – Sacred Dreams

Helicon to release “This Can Only Lead To Chaos” on Fuzz Club

Glasgow psych band Helicon is back with new music after their lastest EP “Zero Fucks”. They have shared their first track “Sound of Confession” from the upcoming album “This Can Only Lead To Chaos” wich will be released on January 24, 2020 on the great Fuzz Club.

This first track is a dark and impressive piece of trippy postpunk psychedelic goodness. Tune in now.


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Psych Against Cancer

There can never be enough help against the horrible disease that is cancer. Every help is wonderful and this one is kinda special. “Psych Agains Cancer” is a compilation of 76 tracks chosen by the Psych lovers Facebouk Group. There are some exclusive tracks on it too.

All proceeds will go directly to Macmillan.

Now, It is always good to donate money to causes like this but this time you will get the most amazing compilation with it. The bands that are on this are just incredible, this is a godly gift of psychedelic tunes, I dare say the best psych compilation I have ever seen.

I have bought the digital album on bandcamp, have you?




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The exotic psych band Las Cobras is Back

“Temporal” was released in 2016 and was one of the most refreshing psych bands of that year. The duo from Uruguay returns with new music on Fuzz Club. The first track they shared is called “Evil in Your Eyes” and comes from the album “Selva” that will be released January 11, 2020.

Again the band releases their tropical psychedelic sounds on the world. Their music is highly hypnotic and they prove it on their first track. The deep vocals of Leandro are perfect for this track, and the voice of Sofia in between the track makes it just perfect.

2020 already sounds promising.

Tune in now.


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Best of 2019 by Fuzzy Sun

Fuzzy Sun mostly covers noiserock, psychedelic rock and experimental stuff. A new addition to the blog is experimental techno/industrial/noise but this is still in its infancy. I have the feeling there was a bit more psychedelic rock in 2018 then this year but there were still some exquisite releases. It is very clear for me noise rock dominated 2019.

This is my  end of the year list, my best of list of 2019. I tried to orden my favourite released a bit but this is no easy task, so don’t take it too seriously. Do take the bands on this list seriously and take your time to absorb their music. their are some absolute gems in this list. Order some vinyl too. bands like money last i heard.

Take your time and enjoy.

1.Girl Band – The Talkies

My number one of 2019 is Girl Band and I can say this with great conviction. The band is refreshing, implements different genres succesfully in one track. They do not make their sound more easy to become popular, on the contrary, they keep experimenting, this time very succesfully with electronic and techno vibes mixed through their music.


2. Shit and Shine – Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs

This is in your face noiserock with the most dense riffs ever created. Shit and Shine needs to be a genre on their own, somthing like Swamp Sludge or  Zombie Noise. This is brilliant. Shit and Shine did it again.


3. Lightning Bolt – Sonic Citadel

Lightning Bolt is epic, their new album is epic, it should be on everyone’s list. “Sonic Citadel” is everything you want and everything you did not know you needed.


4. Cherubs -Immaculada High

The cult noiserockers made with “Immaculada High’ an album so gorgeous it deserves to be high on everyones end of the year list.


5. Black Shape – LONDON

I am completely blown away by this “new” band . I can tell you I probably listened to their 45 minute track ‘LONDON’ the most this year. The track starts with about ten minutes of crushing riff, the riff is great but don’t think that is all the band can do. Please take 45 minutes of your time, I promise you, you will not be dissapointed. Out on Hominid Sounds


6. Thank – Think Less

The Leeds noiserockers end up at number six with their EP ‘Please’. This new EP is the most original version of punk, noise, and electronics I have heard in a long while. Thank is on acid.


7. Kim Gordon – No Home Record

Kim Gordon is making music for millenia and it is just now she released her first solo album. This is a solo album by an artist who is experiences, original, daring and she perfectly knows what she is doing and what she wants. “No Home Record” is exceptional and original.



Contender for loudest album of the year. With members of Shit and Shine. Destructive, aggressive, hits you in the face and when you are on the ground it keeps on hitting until your face is pulp, then burns the pulp.


9. Rainbow grave – No You

Oh lord this is dirty, this is such a dirty mix of sludge and punk that it needs to end on place 8. With founder member of Napalm Death and Scorn and founder member of Doom and Sore Throat. Out on God Unknown Records.


10. Naujawanan Baidar – Volume 2

I am always up for some new sounds and Mr. Baidar delivers these tunes. A mix of Afghan folk and noise creates one hell of a gorgeous record.


11. Tropical Fuck Storm – Braindrops

The Australian rockers made a gorgeous album, again. In my opinion this one is even a lot better then the previous one. A lot of different styles, a lot of tracks that are instant addiction for me.


12. Sly and the Family Drone – Gentle Persuaders

Gorgeous in their experimental noise, free jazz and drone. And “Gentle Persuaders” is by far their best release.


13. Youff -If wishes were horses, homicidal beggars could ride

These nutcases from Belgium released two albums this year. ’20/20 Hindsight’ was so loud even I had difficulty digesting it. Their second part ‘If wishes were horses, homicidal beggars could ride’ is the more experimental of the two and really stuck in my head.


14. Shimmer – And I Revel

I don’t know how to tell you what kind of music this is. Is it demented punk? Is it smoked indienoise? forlorn post punk? I don’t know, all i know is that Shimmer rules and needs to be heard.


15. Cunts – Cunts

Good lord, this supergroup (Dead Cross, Qui, Retox, Virginia Reed, Hep.Titus and Planet B) makes the heaviest punk ever. Slayer looks like cute little kitties next to Cunts.


16. Buildings – Negative Sounds

Gorgeous riffs, perfectly produced, heavy vocals! is this the perfect marriage between noiserock and metal.


17 .Qujaku – In Neutral

My favorite band from Japan wich I know for sure they will conquer the world with their original mix of doom, psych and noise. They released an EP “In neutral” this year. Gloria is the strongest track of the two.


18. Luggage – Shift

Masters in songbuilding, gorgeous noiserock atmospheres, slow brooding tracks. Their third full album ‘Shift’ really suprised me.


19. Henge – Nothing Head

With “Nothing Head” Henge released a powerfull dose of psychedelic doom on or planet. Released on God Unknown Records.


20. Kungens man – Chef & Hårt Som Ben

The Stockholm band Kungens Man keeps releasing magnificent music. This year they have delivered two albums of cosmic psych. Verry trippy psychedelic music. Both the album “Chef” and “Hårt Som Ben” are great pieces of work.


21. Dhidalah -Threshold 発端

High quality heavy psych and space rock by the Japanese band Dhidalah. Trippin cosmic guitar music.


22. Beige Palace – Leg

Not really easy to tell you what kind of music Beige Palace makes, all I can say is that is refreshing, original and goddamn fun.


23. Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

Hazy dance-able cosmic dream psych. That is what Moon Duo made and it rules. Tune in and dream away.


24. Oh Sees – Face Stabber

Probably the most energetic band on the planet that releases loads of music. Oh Sees have done it again this year with ‘Face Stabber’. High energy garage punk tracks and long trippy space songs all on one album. perfect for trippin.


25. BORIS – Love & Evol

Japanse heavyweights Boris return with an excellent album. As alway this band is very difficult to categorize and that is also what makes them so good. Take your time to listen to “Love & Evol”.


26. Junzo Suzuki & Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska -The Ascended Master Teachings of Junzo Suzuki & Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska

This, this is a piece of absolutely stunning droning space and psychedelic rock. These two together make godly sounds.


27. Aunt Cynthias Cabin – Mud Room #13

Aunt Cynthias Cabin keeps releasing high quality hypnotising garagepsych. “Mud Room #13” oozes trippy guitarsounds.


28. Locean – Chav Anglais

“Chav Anglais” is very original and refreshing, bass lines from heaven, vocals from purgatory and guitar from hell.  A very succesfull experiment.


29. Black Bombaim with  Jonathan Saldanha, Luís Fernandes & Pedro Augusto

This is a very experimental piece of art. Tracks spanning more then 10 minutes. Very psychedelic and hypnotic atmospheres. Every track is very original and you can hear Black Bombaim very clearly in each track.


30. Deafkids – Metaprogramação

“Metaprogramação” was released in March and made quite an impression. The Brazilian band mixes Industrial noise, tribal rythms and noise punk together and made something ubercool. This sounds like music from the future!


31. Levitation Room – Headspace

LA psychpop Levitation Room may have made the best hazy indie album of the year. They sound like the mellow, soft version of the Oh Sees.


32. Swans – Leaving Meaning.

Micheal Gira fronted experimental band Swans released their new album “Leaving Meaning”. This is an extensive and intensive listen.


33. Follakzoid – I

Brilliant trance by this Chilean duo.


34. 10000 Russos – Kompromat

Groovy psych. Risk of losing yourself in trance!


35. MoE – La Bufa

Agressive noisepunk from Oslo. Their latest “La Bufa”  is MoE at their peak.


36. L’EPEE – Diabolique

Put Anton Newcombe, Emmanuelle Seigner , Marie and Lionel from the Limiñanas together and then you get this awesome psych project.


37. Moon Pussy – Band Meating

Moon Pussy is one of my favourite new noiserock bands. “Band Meating” is loud, raw and ready to destroy your face.


38. The Cosmic Dead – Scottisch Space Race

Their most trippy and heavy album to date.


39. Pink Room – Zum Kotsen

Belgium’s own noisepunk wonder.


40. Dead Kaczinsky – Yakuza Attack Dog

An incredibly powerful noisepunk EP by a new band ready to rule the underground.


41. Possum – Space Grade Assembly

Put Black Sabbath, Ty Segall and Oh Sees in a blender and you get the new band Possum.


42. Allöchtöön – Allöchtöön

Is this too loud for you? Then maybe you should go sit at the kids table and drink some milk.



This is one of the most excellent raw punk albums of the year. Tropical Trash deliver no nonsense fast paced fuzz punk straight to your door.


44. L’Eclair – Sauropoda

Not everything has to be brain melting noiserock, it can be fun groovy summer music too.


45. Giant Swan – Giant Swan

This is the beginning of something new for me. Giant Swan released a gorgeous electronic album and it will be one of the first of the genre to be on Fuzzy Sun.


46. Glenn Branca – The Third Ascension

The composer Glenn Branca died in 2018. In February 2016 he made his last work ‘The Third Ascension’ wich was released October fourth through SYSTEM NEUTRALIZERS.


47. Pinko – You & You

The San Antonio three piece noiserockers released a strong punk infused noiserock album with “You & You”

48. Earth – Full Upon Your Burning Lips

Cosmic drone duo Earth made yet again a beautiful piece of work with their latest album.


49. Taiwan Housing Project – Sub​-​Language Trustees

Music for when you are lost in the wilderness crazed on mushrooms.


50. Krause -The Ecstasy Of Infinite Sterility

Brainmelting and destructive noiserock.


51. Lovely Wife – Audible Beef

Thank you God, I mean Lovely Wife, for this epic noise.


52. Headroom – New Haven

Experimental Cosmic Psych at its best.

53. Vandal X – Blood on the Streets

Goddamn Belgian riffs and noiserock.


54. Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hopper

Raw and energetic noisepunk by the New Yorkers. Heavy, intense and entertaining stuff.


55. The Psychotic Monks – Private Meaning First

Immensly layered hypnotic heavy rock.


56. Cocaine Piss – Passionate and Tragic

Belgian punk as wild as the name suggests.


57. Ungraven – Language of Longing

There are bonecrushing riffs coming from Jon Davis (Conan) so heavy even your mom is overwhelmed.


58. Drose – Boy Man Machine+

The reworked version, with additional new tracks is such a nice piece of experimental metal it has to be on this list.


59. Pure Adult  – Pure Adult

New York  duo Pure Adult makes unfiltered experimental punk and noise.


60. Dead Neanderthals – Ghost

Very captivating experimental music by the dutch duo with a collaboration from Scott Hendrick from Skeleton Witch.


61. Trigger Cut- Buster

If you don’t now the noiserocking band Trigger Cut then it is about time you do.


62. Whep – Whelp

I would love to tell you all about Whep, because Whep is great, but i don’t know much about Whep. I do know they released an album called “Whelp” and it is really good.

63. Macros – Macros

Noisepunk from down under.


64. Psychic Lemon – Freak Mammal

Very intense space rock by the UK band Psychic Lemon. “Freak Mammel” is in your face psychedelic wildness.


65. Oruã – Romã

This Brazilian band made some excquisite psychedelic tunes on their new album. original and refreshing.


66. The St Pierre Snake Invasion – CAPRICE ENCHANTÉ

Loud and full of energy. UK noiserock that is absolutely fun to listen to. en you face music.


67. Chat Pile – Remove Your Skin Please

A late addition to the list. Chat Pile made really impressive music and you should take your time and let this heaviness seep in.















The Cult of Dom Keller share new track

The Cult of Dom Keller has been creating cosmic music since 2007, they relseased EP’s, splits, cd’s, LP on all kinds of cool labels. Now the band released their first track from their upcoming album “Ascend!” wich will be released on Cardinal Fuzz.

Prepare yourself for ten minutes of cosmic fuzz and buy yourself the EP.






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Domkraft released “Slow Fidelity”

The Postwax series is curated by Blues Funeral Recordings. On the series this year there will be 7 exclusive vinyl releases from ElderSpotlightsLowriderBig Scenic Nowhere (with Bob from Fu Manchu and Gary from Yawning Man), Domkraft (feat. Mark Lanegan) and more.

On November 22 was the release of  “Slow Fidelity” by Domkraft. Also includes a mammoth jam-monster that features no less than three guest singers, including the singular Mark Lanegan along with Lea of Besvärjelsen and Marty of Slomatics.

Tune in now.



Heavy psych rockers Slift share new track!!!

The  French spacerockers Slift have been releasing incredible music for a while now. From heavy psych to space rock and all that is trippy. In 2017 they released their debut album ‘Space is the Key’ wich put them instantly on the map. In 2018 they have given us the album ‘La Planète Inexplorée’ and soon after came 3 unreleased demos “2016 : Spacetrip For Everyone”. And now they are back and they have shared a new song called “Ummon” (wich if i remember correctly was an AI god from the technocore in the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons, wich is my favourite fantasy/scifi book).

The track is taken from the upcoming album “Ummon” wich will be released February 28th 2020 on Stolen Body Records.



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Cloudberry Dreamshake by Buried Feather

The Melbourne band Buried Feather makes vintage psychedelic rock. And for some strange reason I seem to have missed their latest released called “Cloudberry Dreamshake” wich was released in September this year. The whole album is one hazy trip of fuzzed out fun. Buried Feather is on “The Australian List ” with lots of other gems. The band has even its own personal beer wich makes me ridiculously jealous.

Tune in and enjoy the great cosmic music of Buried Feather.


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