New music from Tropical Fuck Storm

“The Planet of Straw Men” will be the new album by the Australian band Tropical Fuck Storm. The album will be released on May 3 through Joyful Noise and Flightless Records.

In 2018 they released their debut “A Laughing Death in Meatspace”. Check them and more on The Australian List.

Check out the same titled track here.

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Swedish psych Centrum

On the great Rocket Recordings surfaces a new band, a Swedish band by one of the members of Hills and Weary Nous. This will be released by Rocket Recordings and Danish Psych label Svensk Psych Aften.

The album is called ‘För Meditation’ and will be out April 19.

The first track ‘Stjärnor’ by Centrum is a meditative track filled with psychedelic guitar work.










Kungens Män release CHEF on Riot Season Records.

The Stockholm band keeps amazing with their music. Time and time again they release cosmic music influenced by psych, noise and drone.

This time Kungens Män release their new album “CHEF” for the first time on Riot Season Records. Their previous album “Fuzz på svenska” ended up in my best of 2018 list. “Fuzz på svenska” had more Jazz influences while “CHEF” ends up on the rock/drone spectrum.

Kungens Män is most effective in bringing atmosphere, in creating a cosmic feeling to their music.

This gorgeous album will be on my 2019 list again. Enjoy, and for more psych go to Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.

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The Claypool Lennon Delirium release South of Reality

If you combine Les Claypool and Sean Lennon you get The Claypool Lennon Delirium. This new project creates cosmic sounds. Their debut “Monolith of Phobos” dates back to 2016.

Now the duo released a new album called “South of Reality”.  Masterfully blending psych pop and space rock, they have created a beautiful piece of work. Out February 22.

Check them out here and go for more to Fuzzy Sun’s List.

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New Zealand garagepsych Ounce is back with a single

This is one of those bands with a bright future ahead. The New Zealand band Ounce have released two singles from their upcoming album ‘OZ’ wich will be released March 1.

The psychedelic rockers have mastered their own unique sound, with a mix of kraut, psych and garage they are ready to release on hell of an album.

Ounce is a band to watch!

Check the singles here and get ready for the release on March1.

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Texas stoner The Well give first track

Somewhere in the spectrum between psychedelic rock, stoner and blues lives the Texas band The Well.

Their third album will be released on Riding Easy Records and will be called “Death and Consolation”.

They have released a first track from their album wich will be released April 26. Check out ‘Raven’ here.

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Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin release Mud Room #13

The California band Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin got my attention with a cover of Neil Diamond. The track “Solitary Man” was released on a 7″ in February 2018.  Soon after they released their first album “Cabin Fever” in August.

The band has this hazy desert psych sound with hypnotic vocals and otherwordly guitar work.

The new album brings us a band that has perfected their sound and brings their very own style. “Mood Room #13” is a gorgeous album and with this new release their future will be bright.

Check them out now and for more go to Fuzzy Sun’s List.

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