Allah Las release ‘Raspberry Jam’

The LA psych band Allah Las released a new track called ‘Raspberry Jam’.  The track is a soundtrack from the movie ‘Self Discovery For Social Survival’ wich is a collaboration between record labels Mexican Summer and surf/outdoor brand Pilgrim Stuff + Supply. The musicians Allah Las, Connan Mockasin, Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT, and Peaking Lights) and pro-surfers (Stephanie Gilmore, Creed McTaggart, Ryan Burch and more go on a sonic journey. Self Discovery For Social Survival Soundtrack will be released on June 14, 2019. The film will be released on June 18, 2019 and is available for pre-order now via

Check out the Allah Las track ‘Raspberry Jam’ here.

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Thee Telepaths release The Velvet Nights

UK four piece Thee Telepaths released their latest album ‘The Velvet Nights’ on March 8. The album is psychedelic trip with fuzzed out sounds.

A really good album you need to check out now. Find Thee Telepaths and others on Fuzzy Sun’ psych list.

Favorite track: Alpha, Pt. 3




Black Mountain share second song ‘Boogie Lover’

The Canadian psychedelic rockers Black Mountain are going to release their fifth studio album on May 24 through Jagjaguwar.

On the new album wich will be called ‘Destroyer’ we can hear the new members Rachel Fannan (Sleepy Sun) and Adam Bulgasem (Dommengang & Soft Kill).

The title ‘Destroyer’ comes from the 1985 Didge car and is very fitting for their sound.
Check out their new shared track ‘Boogie Lover’ here and their previous ‘Future Shade’. Pre-order here.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, lucht, buiten en natuur

Swedish psych Centrum release ‘För Meditation’

The  Swedish band by one of the members of Hills and Weary Nous released their new record ‘För Meditation’ on Rocket Recordings and Danish Psych label Svensk Psych Aften.

This is music that soothes the soul, Centrum makes music that reverbs on a personal level and is psychedelia of the highest order.

drop everything that you are doing and take your time to listen to this work of beauty.










The Black Angels performe Vermillion Eyes Live in Austin

Jam in the Van is the solar-powered mobile recording studio that’s changing the way the world discovers new music. and in the Van we can hear the new song by the psychedelic rockers The Black Angels. Check out the track ‘Vermillion Eyes’.

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Ontario’s The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol and Shooting Guns from Saskatoon have joined forces for a split album called ‘In Search of Highs Vol 2.’ on the great Riot Season Records.

With both bands being experts in creating psychedelic vibes this is an LP you want in your collection.

Both of the bands have a track shared from ‘In Search of Highs Vol. 2’ that will be released May 3.

Check them out now.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets share ‘Bill’s Mandolin’

The Perth psych band Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are one of the big rising psychedelic bands from today. They have released 2 albums is in the past and released 3 singles only a short while ago. “My Friends a Liquid”, “Social Candy” and “Keen For Kick Ons”are all instant hits and both possess that happy psychpop sound but they do not recoil from the heavier sound. Catchy and full of psych.

And now there is another new track before the release of their new album. Their thrid one will be called ‘And Now for the Whatchamacallit’ and will be released May 31.

Tune in now and listen to ‘Bill’s Mandolin’.

Check them out and more on Fuzzy Sun’s list. Check them out on the Australian list too!

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