Pond release new track called “Daisy”

The Western Australian psychedelic pop band Pond is back with new music. They have shared a new video and track called “Daisy” wich will be on their upcoming album “Tasmania” wich will be album number eight.

The album is produced and mixed by Kevin Parker fo Tame Impale and the band.

Check them out and more on Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 5 mensen, staande mensen en buiten


Exclusive: Nathanael Saposnikoff

“Nathanael is a musician and producer from Stockholm. Regurarly drumming and creating sound scapes for different projects like The Wave sthlm, Duo Woland and Moran Gang, he is now releasing self-made music for the first time.
It is introspective and minimalistic, a sort of mix between retro-stained psych rock and dreamy atmospheric pop. It invites you to an inner room where the outside world can dissolve for a while. The 5-track EP is a first introduction to more Saposnikoff music.
The psychedelic vibes on their new EP feels healing somehow. Check out the psychedelic pop of Nathanael Saposnikoff here on Fuzzy Sun.

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