The Spectre Collective release ” Delirium Imperium”

These new Zealanders have released some pretty cool music already. “Electric Waffle” and “Cosmosis” where both released last year and have given me some cosmic fun. Now they return with a new record called “Delirium Imperium”. This album is a quality blend of psychpop, kraut and fun. Tune in and check them out now.

The Spectre Collective Drop Psych Track 'Swamp Fling' + Video


The Spectre Collective release ‘Electric Waffle’

The New Zealand psych rockers released their album ‘Cosmosis’ in January this year and they are already back with a new one.

‘Electric Waffle’ is released May 31 and is filled with psychedelic tunes, kraut and exotic vibes. I would have tought this album would be a bit rushed, releasing new music so soon but its not. The album has a really good psychedelic atmoshpere throughout all the songs. Mellotrons, Synths, Organ and sitar make ‘Electric Waffle’ an adventure to listen to.

Tune in now.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, binnen

The Myrrors: Fuzz Club Sessions

The new album ‘Borderlands’ by The Myrrors will be out on August 17 and in the meantime you can buy and enjoy the Fuzz Club Session by the Arizona band The Myrrors. This is highly meditative psych with a lot of instruments involved to create a cosmic vibe.
Nik Rayne: vocals, guitar, transistor radio, four-track
Miguel Urbina: amplified viola
Grant Beyschau: drums, soprano saxophone
Prabjit Virdee: electric bass
buy it here
Find The Myrrors on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list

foto van The Myrrors.

2nd track by The Myrrors from ‘Borderlands’

The new album by The Myrros ‘Borderlands’ will be out August 17. After the intense intro The Myrrors now released a second track called ‘The Blood That Runs the Border’. This is experimental psychedelia at its best. Drift away in the music The Myrrors create.
Out on Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

foto van The Myrrors.

Experimental psychedelia and drone: The Myrrors

The Myrrors have already made their name in the psychedelic scene. The Myrrors experiment with psychedelia using different instruments and pushing bounderies with their unique sound. The fuzz club sessions are three tracks long and you can hear one of them here. Buy it here.

The new album by The Myrros ‘Borderlands’ will be out August 17. The first intense introduction is free to listen and gives you an idea of the intensity of the new album. Out on Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

foto van The Myrrors.




Eggs In Aspic Compilation

The psychedelic casette label Eggs in Aspic brings us an great compilation full of all kinds of unreleased psychedelia! Cult of Dom Keller, Papernut Cambridge and Moths and Locusts are already up for a listen.