Experimental band TATRAN from Israel

Tatran is something special all together. The Israelis have a way to  amaze you with each new track they release. They blend jazz, psychedelics, noise, beats, whatever you can think of! and thy are doing hell of a good job! you can listen here to the track “Eyes” for the upcoming album “No Sides” releasing June 2nd.
while you are here, listen to this psychedelic gem from a while ago.

tatran sym.jpg


Haunting and beauty on the collected works by Tashi Dorji

Be sure to check out Marmara records!

Collected Works’ is a glimpse into the early, self released cassettes of Tashi Dorjil. Only being physically released through Dorji’s ‘Ola’ imprint, these albums have never been released on any other physical format. Having been sold only as digital albums once the cassette versions sold out.

Marmara is proud to re-release these three albums of Dorji’s early material.. The Yellow Tape (2009) ~ All This World Is Like This Valley (2010) ~ Songs For Appa (2013) will be made available on December 28th 2016 in various physical formats.