Melody Fields release ‘Broken Horse’

The Swedish trio Melody Fields released their self titled back in 2018 and I am quite pleased they are finally back with new music. Four tracks of fuzzy neo psychedelia that instantly timetravels you back to the sixties. Put on your flower trousers, roll a big spliff and tune in to the new Melody Fields.

Kimono Drag Queens to release ‘Songs of Worship’

This Sydney based band with its seven members plays psychedelic music that is influenced by world music, Tuareg music and 60’s pop. Kimono Drag Queens will release their new EP ‘Songs of Worship’ on the Sixth of November and until then we can check out three tracks that sound very promising.

Expect hazy neopsych with indie influences that soothes the soul. Kimon Drag Queens are a band you need to know.

Fuzz release ‘III’

Finally, here it is in all its glory, number three by Fuzz (Ty Segall, Charles Moothart, Roland Cosio)! Out today (23/10) on in The Red Records. The album, titled ‘III’, is a gorgeous album filled with riffs, garagerock, psych and catchy stuff. Tracks on the album vary from classic heavy fuzz to more funky tunes. Sometimes they can sound so much like Black Sabbath (thank God for those gorgeous guitar solos) like on ‘Nothing People’ and Time Collapse’. Fuzz is one of the psychedelic garage forces of out times and again they show what they are capable of with the awesome album.

Fuzz release ‘Mirror’

This is the third and final track that Fuzz is going to share before the release of their new album ‘III’ wich will be out this friday. ‘Returning’ and ‘Spit’ are already out and now we can check out the track ‘Mirror’ wich is nice and fuzzy and heavy. Tune in now and get warm for the release this friday on In The Red Records.

GNOD & João Pais Filipe

I have been a big worshipper of Gnod for a long time now, and It is not only the bonecrushing noiserock that our Gnod sometimes produces but I love Gnod for their experimentalism, their search for the divine sound in noise, ambient, tribal rythms, industrial and what not. Not every release is as easy as the other but now I can feel the hand of Gnod touching me with this new release. This sounds trancelike. They have collaborated with Jesus, eu, I mean João Pais Filipe to make this gorgeous new record called ‘Faca De Fogo’ wich is already sold out :(.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers release ‘Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters​.​.​.’

The LA garage/psych band Frankie and the Witchfingers  are one of my favorite garage/psych bands that have emerged in the latest year. They posses this wild energy and fuzz and there is always fun in their sound. Their previous release ‘ZAM’ was great and they are only getting better. They just released a new 7″ wich is called is called ‘Cavehead’ and has the tracks ‘Cavehead’ and ‘Mind’s Eye’ on it. Out on Greenway Records and Levitation and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Order it here. And now they have released their new album  ‘MONSTERS EATING PEOPLE EATING MONSTERS…’ wich is released on Greenway Records and The Reverberation Appreciation Society

This album is high quality psych/garage that can easily ber put together with The Oh Sees and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

FRANCE – Far Out West

A while ago I shared ‘Meltdown of Planet Earth’ by France in I was completely mesmerized by this records, I could not really find a lot about the band but I know I was hooked on their repetitive kraut and psych sound.  The album was recorded in 2014 and released on the French Label Disastre and Standard In-Fi.

Now another album surfaces, a Live recording of one of their first gigs and now I learned this is a trio, a trio that is actually from France. Their live recording is one song called ‘Far Out Far West’ and is released on Mental Groove Records / Musique Pour La Danse.

Psych/garage rockers Magick Mountain

High energy fuzzed out garagerock Magick Mountain is from Leeds (wich I need to visit soon because it seems the music scene there is pretty damn impressive, maybe there is something in the water). The band balances perfectly between psychedelic rock and garage rock just like Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and bands like that. They have two new tracks out called ‘Infinity X2’ and ‘King Cobra’. Tune in now.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers share first track ‘Sweet Freak’ from upcoming album

The LA garage/psych band Frankie and the Witchfingers  are one of my favorite garage/psych bands that have emerged in the latest year. They posses this wild energy and fuzz and there is always fun in their sound. Every release ‘ZAM’ was great and they are only getting better. They just released a new 7″ wich is called is called ‘Cavehead’ and has the tracks ‘Cavehead’ and ‘Mind’s Eye’ on it. Out on Greenway Records and Levitation and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Order it here.

But now they are already back with a new song and this time it is from their upcoming album ‘MONSTERS EATING PEOPLE EATING MONSTERS…’ wich will be released Octoberr 2nd on Greenway Records and The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Today they released the track ‘Sweet Freak’ wich is again a magnificent piece of fuzzed out garagepsych.

Landing / Headroom Split LP

Landing was formed in 1998 by married couple Aaron and Adrienne Snow. Their music is dreamy and gives a kind of rest, it sooths the soul.

Headroom started in 2016 by Kryssi Battalene of noise project Colorguard and the band Mountain Movers (wich ended on my 2018 end of the year list).

Together these two bands made a split EP and it is actually everyhting you could hope for. The soft, dreamy vibes from landing and the psychedelic tunes from Headroom.

But if I am honest it is the guitar from Headroom that really makes this LP special for me. How the screething guitar, the noise, fits soo perfectly in the  calm and soothing music is beyond me. I can play this and just lay on the floor do nothing and absolutely love this piece of music.

Listen to new music from Frankie and the Witch Fingers

The LA garage/psych band Frankie and the Witchfingers is one of the best new bands in their genre, their previous release ‘ZAM’ was gorgeous piece of fuzzed out rocknroll. Now the band is back! Their new 7″ is called ‘Cavehead’ and has the tracks ‘Cavehead’ and ‘Mind’s Eye’ on it. Out on Greenway Records and Levitation and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Order it here.

Tune in now!

Purple Desert Rain God to release 7″ on Hoga Nord

Hoga Nord Rekors is quite an impressive label, this surf between krautrock/psych stuff and techno/electronic tinted music. The releases are always worth checking out, there is some brilliant stuff on there. Now We get the first track from the upcoming 7″ by Purple Desert Rain God. The first kraut and psych track ‘Invisible Matter’ is op for a listen. Tune in now.


‘Meltdown of Planet Earth’ was recorded in 2014 in France, Paris and now sees the light of day on vinyl through the French Label Disastre and Standard In-Fi. There are two tracks on this album each 29 minutes long but and they are absolutely brilliant, kraut and psych combined with shrieking guitar make this an extremely trippy album. I am kind of in awe of this band, I don’t know much about this and it just makes it more mystical and powerful. This is highly hypnotic quality music and it just fucks with my brain. Let your troubles go away and listen to France.

The Mom and Dad List

Today I got a message from my parents that they are proud of what me and my brothers do, my two brothers are both in a band called Onset (who just released a new EP so check it out) and me with my little website Fuzzy Sun. When we lived at home they had to put up with all our music upstairs (starting from teenage music to nu metal ending with brutal death and black metal) and so many years later they still they check out what we do and they are proud of us and that makes me happy.

I know they sometimes check out the website but don’t listen to often because they are not a big fan of bone shattering and ear destroying noiserock for some strange reason, but maybe they do not know that now and then some psychpop, hazy psych or psychedelic jazz is posted too.

So as a little thank you I made a playlist with all the Fuzzy Sun approved mom and dad music. So this music list is mostly hazy psych, summer vibes and stuff like that. I am not sure if they are going to like it, but hey, i can try right.

You can listen to, you do not have to be my mom or dad, if you like chill psych and stuff like that then tune in and enjoy. There is a lot of stuff that is not on spotify that i wanted to add too but I won’t bother with all these different platforms because thats a load of work, so listen to this spotify list now.

Dutch psychfolk Heavy Wipped Cream make feel good music

With their vintage psychedelic vibe Heavy Wipped Cream made an album that sounds like summer, you can feel the sunshine through this album. The Dutch band has not only a very good bandname but also have very nice cover art for their freshly released EP ‘A Mouthful’. This is really nice to listen to and I am very curious what more this album will bring. The only thing I hope is that they get their sound a little bit dirtier, a bit more raw and psych in the future. It is so nice that it sounds a little too polished. Listen for yourself and enjoy this hazy album.

Update 3: The Cosmic Side of Japan

Okay, I found a lot of new music from Japan again, again from friends and forums and fb groups and researching myself. This psychedelic/noise stuff from Japan is unending and is the most incredible stuff. This post is just the update with the bands I added. For the who list click on ‘The Cosmic Side of Japan’.

Shakuhachi Surprise

Going to start with my favourite new discovery which is a collaboration between Space Streakings and Mount Shasta. They released an album together called “Space Streakings Sighted Over Mount Shasta” wich is absolutely gorgeous. You can fin Saxophones, noise, and other explosive stuff on this godlike album!

Mady Gula Blue Heaven

This is a softer project wich nice hazy psychedelic elements. In th ememenbers of this band I recognize Cotton Casino from Acid Mothers Temple and other projects. Take breath and listen to Mady Blue Heaven.

Magical Power Mako

I think we all agree I am sharing music that is way beyond crazy, I have fallen deep in the pit of crazy japanese psych and noise, so why stop now? lets go deeper! Let us listen to Magical Power Mako’s album ‘Super Record’ from 1975′.


“Sooner or Later” is from 1987 on the P.S.F. label where you can find an awfull lot of these releases.

Up-Tight & Makoto Kawabata

Another obscure recording from Up-Tight with Makoto Kawabata (from Acid Mothers and like 1500 other projects).


Okay, I am having some trouble with this one. I think the band name is 88KasyoJunrei. I am not entirly sure but they make some cool punk/noise. It is also a fresh change from all these bands from the seventies. It seems these guys are young and rockin.

Purple Trap

This list is getting so long I even have no idea if I have something featurering Keiji Haino. Well, here is something pretty alien. Tune in for ‘Continuously Draw a Gentle Spiral… Red Death!’ released in 1998 on the New Japan Label.


A benefit compilation in the time of COVID-19 by Eiderdown Records

CosmoPraesidium is a compilation by the Eiderdown Records Label, A benefit for the COVID-19 Crisis. All proceeds from this compilation will go to food banks in Washington state, California, and New York. The artists on the Eiderdown label have been shared a lot on Fuzzy Sun, the music on the label brings calmth and rest on this website. Most of the music here is heavy, experimental and extremely noisy but the bands on Eiderdown have always tranquilized that nervous energy. The label is filled with artists that produce dreamy acid folk, Ambient trippy landscapes, gorgeous acoustic guitar work. Artists like Prana Crafter and Elkhorn have found a place in my heart. In these times it is so nice to tune in for a moment and enjoy this soothing, dreamy and trippy tunes. Twentyseven tracks long! Please buy this album and let sounds calm you.