Belgian krautpop band Stadt to release new album

The Belgian band uses kraut and psych vibes to create their own unique sound. on March 8, Stadt will release their third album ‘There is/Nothing Twice’.

They already released two tracks from their upcoming album, the second track ‘Daily Comment’ is a very nice mellow track with a splash of psych. But it is the first single that gets me very excited, ‘Nothing Twice’ is a 9 minute cosmic trip starting from krautpop and exploding in psychedelic heaviness. March 8 will be an exciting day.

Check them out and for them or more go to Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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Sad Planets release debut single

Patrick Carney (Drummer of The Black Keys) and John Petkovic (Cobra Verde, Death of Samantha) form the new band Sad Planets and dived in the studio together to make their debut album “Ohio, Akron”.

Their album will be out on Teepee Records and will have guest appearance on their new album.

In the meantime we can check out their first released track called ‘Not This World’.

The album will be out April 19.

Sad Planets (John Petkovic & Patrick Carney akron ohio not of this world new album announcement Laura DeMarco


A Skeleton by Ben Shemie

Today I wanted to share with you is the solo work of Ben Shemie (Suuns). I was very much looking forward to this, not really sure what to expect. Their is a lot in common between his solo work and that of Suuns wich is a good thing.

There is that experimental psychedelic vibe that makes his music unique and full of feeling.

‘A Skeleton’ is a magical crafted work thats full of feels and surprises. Released February 15 on Hands In The Dark.

Check him out now and find him and more on Fuzzy Sun’s List.

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Second track by psych/doom band Henge on God Unknown Records

The UK band is set to release their new album “Nothing Head” March 1 on the amazing God Unknown Records.

The first released treack ‘Teddy Bear’  is a psychedelic trip to the cosmos, guitar solos, riffs and faraway vocals created an epic atmopshere.

On the new track ‘Beginners’ the band show their dirty side, a slow and sludgy track  with haunted vocals thats more leaning to doom then psych.

I am very much looking forward the “Nothing Head” and i am pretty sure this will be one of the best albums of 2019.

Check out the two released tracks and find them on Fuzzy Sun’s Heavy and Psych list.

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The Prefab Messiahs

The psych/garage band The Prefab Messiahs are back with new music. The trippy band has a history dating back to the 80. With that long experience they are now again ready to put out new psych.

Listen to the new track “(Don’t Give Up On) Beautiful Things.

And while your here, check out some of their previous music too.

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New album on the way for Frankie And The Witchfingers

The LA psych rockers shared their first track called ‘realization’ from the upcoming album ‘ZAM’.

ZAM is out 3/1/19 via NYC’s Greenway Records.

Their new track is bursting with energy and good old garage/psych fun. Check them and more out on Fuzzy Sun’s Playlist.

Only a while ago the band released a 7″ called “Pleasure”. This one you can buy on Greenway records too. check out the track.

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