Mexican psych Tajak release new video

I remember Tajak as one of the very first posts I made on Fuzzy Sun. The Mexican band uses an extreme amount of noise and fuzz in their psychedelic rock. The cool ting about the band is their influences, there can be drone rock or ambient influences but it stays absolutely great psychedelic rock. Tune in for the new track ‘I’ve Seen It Fall’ which is hopefully the harbinger for more music.

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‘Into The Sea and ‘Sonar’ by Automatism

It is time to listen to Automatism. The Stockholm based band with members of the great Kungens Män released ‘Into The Sea’ in July and one track called ‘Sonar’ from a split with Pavallion on Tonzonen Records.

‘Into The Sea’ contains new arrangements of two songs from the debut album, plus the Alice Coltrane song Journey in Satchidananda, and a new track called Sparkler. An album full of relaxing psych tunesand  jazzy atmosphere.

‘Sonar’ was released September 27 that was recorded as a really long improvised session with Per Wiberg on keys (Kamchatka, Spiritual Beggars, ex Opeth and more). Henrik Palm (solo artist, Pig Eyes, ex In Solitude and more) did extra guitar work on the track.

Kombynat Robotron / Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska

Ok, every year i discover new labels that release the stuff i really love and I think I found my new favorite label. It is called Cruel Nature Records and I will soon post a special on the label but first I want to introduce this split between Kombynat Robotron and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska. Both are really excellent bands that deal in cosmic sounds. Kombynar Robotron is a German kraut and psych band that gives us the track ‘Seltsame Attraktoren’ and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska is the UK band that just released a double LP with Junzo Suzuki.

Both tracks are exquisite and absolutely trippy!


Psych supergroup L’Épée release ‘Diabolique’

L’Épée, the band that consists of Emmaunelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas) released their debut album ‘Diabolique’. The album is hazy psych at its best, filled with summervibes, trippy guitarwork and excellent vocals bij Emmanualle. Some of you may know Emmanuelle from her roles in Frantic (1988), Venus In Fur (2013), and Bitter Moon (1992) (all directed by her husband, Roman Polanski). With a supergroup like this the expectation are high, well, they succeeded! ‘Diabolique’ is absolutely stunning.

Buy it here: or

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Love in Elevator

The album ‘Lies To Stars’ was released in earlier this year in April. It is the first time for me I heard of this band but it seems they have been around for quite some time. The band formed in 2004 in Venice, Italy and they make a mix of psych, shoegaze and good noisey rock. They recorded three albums one EP and one 45rpm. They have opened for bands like Mudhoney (USA), Meat Puppets (USA), Shellac (USA). So, I am very pleased to have learned of the existence of Love in Elevator because they make gorgeous tunes. The band succeeds in making real strong and noisy psych and at the same time they have that dreamy, shoegaze vibe. Good stuff, yes, good stuff.

Comacozer returns with cosmic force

The Australian psych/space rockers Comacozer recently released a split on Riot Season Records with Blown Out and their previous album “KALOS EIDOS SKOPEO” was released August 2017.  The band specializes in trippy cosmic space rock and they do it damn good. So a new album by this band is really good news. Their new album ‘Mydriasis’ was released July 27. With a fourth member on the synths their new music is even more trippy then before. If you are in search for some high quality space rock then this is what you need.

Tune in for ‘Mydriasis’ by Comacozer.

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