Hypnotic tunes on the new Violet Nox

The Boston experimental band Violet Nox released their latest “Twin Flame” November 2. On the three track EP the band fuses psychedelic tunes with electronics and ambient. Their new work is a hazy beauty filled with ominous athmosphere.

Perfect for your hangover sunday. Tune in and enjoy the tunes.


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Black Doldrums release their new EP “Sad Paradise”

This UK psych duo brings you psychedelic fuzz of the best quality. Their new EP has a layered sound with equal parts psych and shoegaze, making it a strong and dreamy.

One of the bands you need to have in your collection. play some Black Doldrums, it will clear your mind and send it across different planes.

Out on Club AC30.


Chill psych tunes by Wax Machine

On November 8 the UK indie/psych band Wax Machine released their new EP “Mind Palace”.
The band plays plays psychedelic jazz tunes and creates a happy 70’s vibe. This is one of those albums that fills your house with warmth and pleasure. Tune in and enjoy.
For more psych check out Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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Futureman by Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus

Harvey Rushmore & The Octopus is one of those bands that just succeeds in making music fun to listen to.
Their latest album “Futureman” is an adventure, a sonic party somewhere in space. An album filled with psychedelic/garage tunes with some surf added to the mix.
Feel good psych that you need to hear with some hints of The Black Angels.



Fuzzed out doom rockers Mountain Tamer

Get ready for some dirty psychedelic doom rock. Mountain Tamers are a band from Los Angeles.
Their new album “Godfortune // Dark Matters” was released August 24. The three piece have released a grung sounding heavy psych album that is absolutely woth your time. Play loud and enjoy.
Favorite track: Funeral of a Dog
Check out more heavy here.


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The Acid Sisters

Las Vegas psych rock The Acid Sisters released their self titled full length on September 21.
There are some great tunes on their new album, the band mix psychedelic rock with some fun garage tunes. Some extra spice added by the great vocals.
Tune in and check out The Acid Sisters.
Favorite track: Desert Song


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