Garage fun with Slomo Sapiens

Are you ready for a good dose of Philadelphian garagefuzz? These five dudes create very fuzzed out garage and psych, the kind that gives you loads of energy, the makes you jump around like a twerp. Their album “Cabin Fever Dreams’ is out since March 20. It starts off quite dreamy but the groove and garage soons joins the party. Be cool and listen to Slomo Sapiens. Pretty damn cool music in these times. Enjoy

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The Spectre Collective release ” Delirium Imperium”

These new Zealanders have released some pretty cool music already. “Electric Waffle” and “Cosmosis” where both released last year and have given me some cosmic fun. Now they return with a new record called “Delirium Imperium”. This album is a quality blend of psychpop, kraut and fun. Tune in and check them out now.

The Spectre Collective Drop Psych Track 'Swamp Fling' + Video


Flat Worms to release “Antarctica”

The LA fuzz rockers return with a new album called “Antarctica” on April 10 on Ty Segal’s GOD? imprint on Drag City. They released the first track “Market Forces” a while ago and now close to the release of their album we get a new track called “The Aughts”, wich is a great postpunk/fuzz tracks. Tune in now and check it out.

The Lovely Eggs share “This Decision” and “Still Second Rate”

Uk psych/punk band The Lovely Eggs  released two new brand new tracks called “This Decision” and “Still Second Rate. . The Lovely Eggs are a UK band that has a 13 year carreer making psych and punk. This is a mind melting heavy garagepsych and promises more good stuff. The tracks are take from their upcoming album “I am Moron” wich will be released on April 3. Tune in for some fine heavy rockin.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, buiten

Fake Indians release “The Pest”

Fake Indians are a band from Antwerp, Belgium. I have not seen them live yet and had not listened to their music, I don’t why I did not but it does not matter because I did now. I do not know much but what I do know is that Fake Indians are pretty much frikkin awesome. I know that their latest album “The Pest” was released February 29 because I read it on their bandcamp page. I do like this very much because of the level of rocknroll, heavy fuzz and punk atmosphere. “The Pest” is one of those albums that is impossible to pin down, to much energy, to much of a fuck you. I am very glad I finally listen to Fake Indians and I know you will be glad too. I hope to see them live soon, I even might drive to Antwerp.

I very much like the track “Terror Squad” but I don’t like the track “Cheyenne”.

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“The Great Mountain” by Waterless Hills

This is a gorgeous work of improvised instrumental psych with violin that gives the music that extra hypnotic atmosphere. The UK band released their album “The Great Mountain” on Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records. Recorded diret to 1/4” tape at Hallé St Michaels, Manchester.

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SONS OF ZÖKU share two new psych tracks

The Adelaide psychedelic band Sons of Zöku are a trio and have been making some pretty nice tunes. Over the years they have become even more psychedelic, their sometimes heavy fuzz sound has made way for some very trippy tunes. Check out their two new tunes “Luz // Paralysed”. You can find them and much more on “The Australian List“.