Baked Beans share ‘Avalon Speedway’

Melbourne/Geelong psych band Baked Beans released a new track/video. Again fun psych/garage from this Australian band who is working on their debut wich will be on Flightless Records. You can find them and more Australian psych on The Australian List.

Here you can buy their previous album and check out some more music while you are at it.

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Psychedelic folk band Elkhorn

It is really good for me that there is music like Elkhorn, so that I, once in a while, listen to something soothing, something cosmic. If it isn’t for bands like this i would destroy my ears with noiserock and other loud stuff. So Elkhorn is duo and they play psychedelic tinged guitar, both acoustic and electric. They released 2 LPs at once called ‘Sun Cycle/Elk Jam’. On ‘Sun Cycle/Elk Jam’  guitarist Willie Lane and percussionist Ryan Jewell are helping in creating this cosmic trip.

Beyond Beyond is Beyond 2019 Summer Jam Sampler

If you have spend some time on Fuzzy Sun you probably have noticed that I am a bit of a fan of the Beyond Beyond is Beyond label. Without fail they release albums from great bands ranging from psych to jazz to experimental music. So here is their summer sampler. Buy the thing, it costs 5 bucks (or more) and all proceeds will be going to RAICES, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services; a nonprofit that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to under-served immigrant children, families and refugees in Central and South Texas.

Föllakzoid release new album ‘I’ on Sacred Bones

I remember that i was nailed to the floor and drooling when I say this band live, They possess a vibe thats forces you in trance. Their previous work ‘III’ dates back to 2015 and there was a live rendidtion in 2017 with J. Spaceman called ‘London Sessions’.

So I am very glad I can share the new album by this Chilean duo. As i hoped it is a masterwork. The beats and psychedelic vibe force your mind to wander and deeply listen to this gorgeous piece of work.

Tune in for ‘I’ the new album by Föllakzoid, out on Sacred Bones,  August 1..

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Dire Wolves release ‘Grow Towards The Light’

The 4th full length Californian band Dire Wolves is called ‘Grow Towards The Light’.  New on the vocals is Georgia Carbone together with Jeffrey who plays guitar and moog, Brian Lucas on bass, Sheila Bosco (from Faun Fables) on drums and piano, Arjun Mendiratta (Village of Spaces) on violin, and Taralie Peterson (Spires that in the Sunset Rise) on saxophone.

It is a bit difficult to put the music of Dire Wolves in a box, but what it is for certain is cosmic. The music sounds like it comes straight from the soul and has a very trippy vibe. Throughout the album you can hear each musical instrument go wild like it has a life of its own.

Tune in for some gorgeous cosmic vibes.

Released June 28 on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

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Tune in for some trippy tunes on the new Firefriend

The Brazilian band Firefriend is close to the release date of their new album ‘Avalanche’. The trio from São Paulo makes psychedelic rock mixed with shoegaze and cosmic vibes. On their upcoming album we can listen to 4 already released tracks and they are very good. The tracks are dreamy but possess some kind of eerie vibe, some kind of darkness in them too.

We can Expect ‘Avalanche’ to land on August 16 through Littel Cloud Records. While you listen to their new music take a bit of time to read the interview  Kevin did with the band too!

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