Remove Your Skin Please by Chat Pile on best of

This album has been growing on me for a while now and it keeps on getting better. It really got under my skin. So I decided to put them on my best of 2019 list. Chat Pile made really impressive music with “Remove Your Skin Please” and I really think you should take the time to listen to this intensively.

Best of 2019

Remove Your Skin Please by Chat Pile

The new album by Oklahoma City heavyness Chat Pile is called “Remove your Skin Please”. This is a very great example of how you mix a lot of different genres and create something new and succesfull. This metal/postpunk/noiserock/doom project is a very great listen. very versatile with superb vocals. Chat Pile has made themselves masters in creating an eerie and agressive atmosphere. Tune in and “Remove Your Skin Please”.

Favourite track: Davis

PART V: The best 150+ Noise Rock/Postpunk releases of the last decades. Selected by Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT, Buzz Rodeo)

We are at part V. There is only one part left of this incredible long list of the most amazing music our universe has to offer. This list is curated by the great Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT / BUZZ RODEO) and here and there some extra bands selected from myself. For those to lazy to search for the other parts on the website, you can find the first part HEREthe second HERE and the third HERE and fourth HERE.

Take your time and get to know some of the greatest, weirdest and loudest bands earth has to offer.

281. Quiters Club – Quiters Club

282. Rye Coalition – Hee saw dhuh Kaet

283. Ramones – Ramones

284. Ritual Device – Henge

285. Rites Of Spring – End on End

286. Rocket from the crypt – Paint as a fragrance

287. Rifle Sport – Made in France

288. Ricaine – Mainlanders

289. Replicator – You are Under Surveillance

290. Rapeman – Two nuns a pack mule

291. Red Lorry yellow Lorry – Talk about the weather

292. Regrets – New directions

293. Sonic Yout – Bad Moon Rising

294. Sunday Puncher – For your everchanging world

295. Silkworm – In the West

296. Sacharine Trust – Paganicons

297. The Stranglers – “Rattus Norvegicus”

298. Siouxsie and the Banshess  – JUJU

299. Slint – Spiderland

300. Spray Paint – Punters on a barge

301. Sewingneedle – User error

302. Superchunk – Superchunk

303. Shellac – At action park

304. Six Horse – Fine business

305. Swans – Cop

306. Super Thief – Eating alone in my car

307. Second layer—second layer

308. Sinking Suns – Death songs

309. Slug – The out sound

310. Shadowy man on a shadowy planet – Sport fishin

311. The Spitters – Sun to sun

312. Stunning – Dignified sissy

313. Steel Pole Bath Tub – Butterfly Love

314. The Stooges – Funhouse

315. Six Finger Satellite – The pigeon is the most popular bird

316. Shorty – Thumb days

317. Squirell Bait – Skag Heaven

318. Scratch Acid – Just keep eating

319. Sicbay – Firelit

320. Shipping News – Flies the fields

321. Silverfish – Fat axl

322. Surgery – Nationwide

323. Shudder to think -Curses, Spells, Voodoo, Mooses

324. Tunic – Complexion

325. Tanner – Ill Gotten Gains

326. The Mark of Cain – Battlesick

327. Tad – Gods Ball

328. Today is the Day – Willpower

329. Tropical Trash – Southern india drone

330. Table – Table

331. Throat – Short circuit

332. Spaceman 3—Sound of confusion



333. Tar – Jackson

334. Trumans Water – oh zeta zunis

335. This Is Wreckage – Q.Y. C.

336. Typical Hunks – We are typical hunks and so are you

337. Turing Machine – a new machine for living

338. Sloy – Plug

339. Schoolbusdriver—Nursery rhymes for old man

340. Sofy major–Total dump

341. Rema Rema—wheel in the roses

342. Scrawl – Velvet hammer

343. Slits – cut

344. Salvation – Sore Loser


346. Sky:Lark – Skylark 3

347. Super Luxury – Ten Solid Years of Applause

348. Snack Family – Bunny

349. Sperm Donor – sleight coincidence

350. Sweet Williams – Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight




Luggage release “Shift”

“Shift” is released by Luggage on November 22 through Corpse Flower Records. I find it difficult to tell you why I love this record so much. I find that the music by posthardcore band Luggage really gets inside my head. The moody build ups, how you can feel the almost metallic sound building up to incredible explosions and the vocals just fit perfectly in this moody noiserock/postpunk atmospheric music.

Highly hypnotic and refined heaviness on “Shift”. A must hear.

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“Saturday Night Massacre” by Live Skull

The New York band Live Skull formed in 1982 and is coming back after 30 years with their new album “Saturday Night Massacre”. Together with Sonic Yout and Swans they defined the term noiserock. I would like to say I was around when this epic stuff happened but I was not even born when they were formed. So I guess lots of people are really going to be glad for this, so I am glad that you are glad. There. Enjoy “Saturday Night Massacre”. Released November 8.

It is time for some Girls in Synthesis

The London band Girls in Synthesis make something in the lines of DIY noiserock/postpunk and they do it good. The band released “Arterial Movements” in October”, released their winter single “Pressure ” and not long ago they released  the collection “Pre​/​Post: A Collection 2016​-​2018″. So if you are not known with the in your face noisy punk of Girls in Synthesis then now is the time. Start with the track ‘ Pressure” then you will be hooked instantly. Tune in and turn loud.

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Third track “Blurred” by Luggage

already third track before the release of “Shift” now wich will be released November 22 on Corpse Flower Records. I’m getting increasingly hyped for this release although hyped is maybe not the word for it. The music of Luggage is moody, heavy an hypnotic.

“Blurred” is again a track that has a fantastic noiserock track with a postpunk feel. The album “Shift” will surely be on my end of the year list.

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