Crowd of Chairs release “Mod Kid With Dog”

Belgian rockers Crowd of Chairs return with their second full length called “Mod kid With Dog”. Their previous album “FUCK FUCK FUCK” was released in April 2017. On that album you could hear the band experimenting with noiserock and postpunk but on this new album the band has taking the experiment a little further. “Mod Kid With Dog” is weirder, darker,complexer and more experimental. What is most remarkable is the intensity of the album, it is not necessarily heavier or harder it is just very in your face, the music very nervous. This is an album that needs to grow on you, you have to let it in and listen to it with intense focus. Then this album will devour you.  I haven’t chosen a favourite track yet because I will have to listen to this album a lot more before I know what track has chosen me. “Mod kid With Dog” is released February 21 on sentimental. Listen now.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, staande mensen, plant en buiten


PART VI, The Final Part: The best 150+ Noise Rock/Postpunk releases of the last decades. Selected by Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT, Buzz Rodeo) + Ralphs Top 10 of 2019.

Welcome the the last part of this series. This is part VI. At the end of the list you will find……. another list. This list is the best of list of 2019 from Ralph himself.

This list is curated by the great Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT / BUZZ RODEO) and here and there some extra bands selected from myself. For those to lazy to search for the other parts on the website, you can find the first part HEREthe second HERE and the third HERE and fourth HERE and the fifth HERE.

351. Usa Nails—Life cinema

352. Unsane  – Scattered smothered and covered

353. Us Maple– Long hair in 3 stages

354. USA Mexico – Matamoros

355. U Men – Step on a bug

356. Uzeda – Different section wires

357. Unwound – New plastic ideas

358. Unrest – Kustom Karnal

359. Victims Family  – White Bread Blues

360. Wreck – Soultrain

361. Yound Widows – Old wounds

362. Wilderness – Vessel states

363. Wire – Pink flag

364. Wrens – Secaucus

365. Vincas – Deep in the well

366. 100 Flowers—100 Flowers

367. We are the Asteroid—S/T

368. World Domination Enterprises  Lets play domination

369. 3 – Dark days coming

370. Wrangler Brutes – Zulu

371. 18 Dye – Tribute to a bus

371. Yell o yell- hello hell

372. Windsor for the derby – calm hades float

373. Whep – Whelp

374. Voycheck – #F_ckingProfessional

375. Whores. – Ruiner

376. Xetas – The Tower

377. Yowie – Synchromysticism

378. YC-CY – Béton Brut

379. Qui – Love’s Miracle

380. Yes I’m Leaving – Pure Joy

381. Zeni Geva – Desire for agony


Raslp selected these ten bands of 2019.

Cherubs – Immaculada

Pinko – you & you

Luggage – Shift

Childbite – Blow off the Omens

Buildings – Negative Sound

Gloop – Smiling Lines

Hissing Tiles – Boychoir

Uzeda – Quocumque jesceris stabit

USA Nails -Life cinema

Multicult – Simultaneity now



The Men release “Hated: 2008​-​2011”

One of the most genre-hopping bands i know are the NY rockers The Men. They released a compilation of their output between 2008 and 2011. the tracks are taken from demos, splits, EPS, live recordings and unreleased material.
This compilation is filled with punk, garage and noise rock. Tune in for The Men. Out on the great Sacred Bones.

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Adam Stone & Dead Sea Apes

“Warheads” is the collaboration between Adam Stone and the instrumental band Dead Sea Apes.  Out on Cardinal Fuzz.
A mix between psych, noise, ambient and post-punk. Sometimes chaotic and bleak but  the album can energetic and loud.
Check “Warheads” out now.

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Belgian post-punkers Whispering Sons release ‘Image’

The Belgian post-punkers released their debut album “Image” on 19 October via PIAS and Smile records.
An excellent debut full of dark and ominous vibes.
Favorite track: Dense
Check them out now and buy their record.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, mensen die muziekinstrumenten bespelen en nacht


Listen to the new EL Yunque

The Belgian band El Yunque released their new album “O Hi Mark” the 12th of October. The band seemed to have spin to a more experimental sound then  their previous brutal noiserock album “Boxes” from last year.
“O Hi Mark” is something unique, something to immerse yourself in. Check out their new album and videos.
Favorite track: De Milo
Check out more on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.