German noise rockers Pigeon

The German band Pigeon mixes post-punk and noise with easy. Their new album “BUG” is an angsty wall of noise and is necessary listening for the lover of the heavier materials.

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Favorite track: Ideal



The Men release “Hated: 2008​-​2011”

One of the most genre-hopping bands i know are the NY rockers The Men. They released a compilation of their output between 2008 and 2011. the tracks are taken from demos, splits, EPS, live recordings and unreleased material.
This compilation is filled with punk, garage and noise rock. Tune in for The Men. Out on the great Sacred Bones.

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Adam Stone & Dead Sea Apes

“Warheads” is the collaboration between Adam Stone and the instrumental band Dead Sea Apes.  Out on Cardinal Fuzz.
A mix between psych, noise, ambient and post-punk. Sometimes chaotic and bleak but  the album can energetic and loud.
Check “Warheads” out now.

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Belgian post-punkers Whispering Sons release ‘Image’

The Belgian post-punkers released their debut album “Image” on 19 October via PIAS and Smile records.
An excellent debut full of dark and ominous vibes.
Favorite track: Dense
Check them out now and buy their record.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, mensen die muziekinstrumenten bespelen en nacht


Listen to the new EL Yunque

The Belgian band El Yunque released their new album “O Hi Mark” the 12th of October. The band seemed to have spin to a more experimental sound then  their previous brutal noiserock album “Boxes” from last year.
“O Hi Mark” is something unique, something to immerse yourself in. Check out their new album and videos.
Favorite track: De Milo
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Belgian post-punk Whisperings Sons

The Belgian post punk band Whispering Sons return with their first single ‘Waste’ from their upcoming album ‘Image’. The unique dark sound that we know from Whispering Sons is back on their new powerfull track. Their Debut ‘Image’ will be out on October 19 on PIAS and Smile records.

foto van Whispering Sons.