Leisure Shores release 5th album ‘The Astronomer’s Dream’

The Missouri band Leisure shores makes synth driven psychedelia that is really trippy. All their music has this vintage vibe and gives you hippie feelings of green grass and pretty girls. ‘The Astronomer’s Dream’ is a fun and breezy listen and is good for your mental health . The album is released December 4. Warm you house with a bit of trippy space music and listen now.


Exclusive: stream the Leisure Shore album in full before the release tomorrow

Tomorrow is the release of the third album by psychedelic rockers Leisure Shores.  Their new album ‘The Emotion Machine’ will be released on Super Adventure Music.

The Missouri band created a gorgeous psychedelic atmosphere on their new album. Throughout the tracks the synths, samples and experimental sounds create a diverse and extremely trippy sound creating a nostalgic feeling. Reminiscent of  seventies progressive psych but with their own trippy turn to it Leisure Shore delivers an album full of story and feels.

Each track feels like a different fantasy voyage and is worth every penny. Tune in now for the excellent new album ‘The Emotion Machine’ by Leisure Shores! Buy their album on their bandcamp.


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Trippy sounds on the new Leisure Shores

Missouri psychedelic rockers Leisure Shores shared the first two tracks from their upcoming album ‘The Emotion Machine’. The tracks sound like a trip, a psychedelic dream. Perfect chosen silences, synths and atmosphere only to erupt in an epic 60’s pink floyd style spacetrip.

If the rest of the album sounds as good as this track then we are in for a treat. Tune in now!

‘The Emotion Machine’ will be out May 17.


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The Wall [Redux] by various artists

Magnete Eye Records has gone to great lenghts to make a re-envision from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” in its entirety. This is done by incredible artists, a huge list of incredible bands such as The Melvins, Low Flying Hawks, Domkraft, Spaceslug, Greenleaf, Mark Lanegan, Mars Red Sky and many more.
This magnificent list of bands can only make for a sonic feast. The release date is today November 9.
order your vinyl fast!

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NAMES releases debut album Pink House

US psychedelic formation NAMES released its debut ‘Pink House’ in April this year. The album almost sounds like a homage to Pink Floyd. The album is appropriately introduced with samplings from Roger Waters discussing digital music, beginning a dark psychedelic journey reminiscent of the great rock albums of the 60s and 70s.


VSTRS release Pink Floyd cover of Astronomy Domine

The Detroit psych rocker VSTRS released their second LP ‘Pandemonium  Seesaw’ last November. With ‘Pandemonium Seesaw’ they created a beautifull hazy psychedelic album with shoegaze influences. now they have released The Pink Floyd cover ‘Astronomy Domine’.