Album of the week: Part Chimp – Drool

While I am patiently waiting on my LP to arrive I am listening too the new album by UK rockers Part Chimp which is called ‘Drool’ and released on June 4th. If I don’t forget about it I try to pick an album of the week and the last ones where Pressed, BigBrave and Throat and Part Chimp’s ‘Drool’ is an album that fits perfect with these gorgeous records. It is diffecult to put Part Chimp in a box and that is just what makes them great, they make gorgeous riffs but it isn’t metal, they have excellent solos and trippy guitarwork but it istn’t heavy psych, they sound like you just smoked a double spliff but they aren’t stoner, they are really noisy but it isn’t noiserock. They Are Part Chimp. ‘Drool’ is filled with no bullshit songbuilding and excellent riffage. In your face heavyness that is addictive.

Buy in the UK on Wrong Speed Records or in the USA on Learning Curve.